Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wings of Death

Officially released on 1 April 2010, Wings of Death is the follow-up to Aces High and the second volume of stories to be selected from the hugely collectable Air Ace Picture Library.

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Sky High (AAPL 5, Mar 1960) Art: Solano Lopez; Script: E. W. Evans.
Torpedo Alley (AAPL 18, Aug 1960) Art: Ian Kennedy; Script: David Satherley.
U-Boat Hunters (AAPL 21, Sep 1960) Art: Kurt Caesar; Script: (unknown).
Eagle Warrior (AAPL 23, Oct 1960) Art: Mike Western: Script: (unknown).
Last of the Gladiators (AAPL 37, Jan 1961) Art: Ferdinando Tacconi; Script: (unknown).
Killer Instinct (AAPL 43, Mar 1961) Art: Luis Bermejo; Script: (unknown).

Further information and details can be found in our book The Fleetway Picture Library Index Vol. 1: The War Libraries.


Relive the daring and terrifying adventures of the flyers of the Second World War in six of the most exciting stories from Air Ace Picture Library.

These superbly drawn comic strips, which have been reproduced 25 per cent bigger than the originals, brilliantly evoke the fighting machines that were pitted against each other - the Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerchmitts, the Lancasters, Wellingtons and Focke-Wulfs.

From Battle of Britain dogfights over Blighty to flak-blasted bombing missions over the Fatherland, these classic comic book adventures put you in the cockpit alongside the RAF heroes who helped to bring Nazi Germany to her knees.

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