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TV Tie-ins cover gallery 5

Skis Against the Atom by Knut Haukelid (Kampen om tungrvannet (Bergen, J. W. Elde, 1953), translated by F. H. Lyon, London, William Kimber, 1954; revised, Fontana, 1973)
Fontana 3148, 1973, 160pp, 30p.
On a bitter January night in 1943 an R.A.F. bomber crossed the coast of Norway. On board was a group of young Norwegian partisans. Their mission—to destroy one of the most important military targets in Europe. Success would lead them to the brink of death. Failure would leave Hitler's scientists within grasp of the most terrible weapon the world had ever known—the atomic bomb
__"Combines the excitement of thwarting German atomic research with excellent descriptions of the hazards of operating in the snow-covered mountains of Norway."—The Times.
Skis Against the Atom was filmed as Saboteurs of Telemark by the BBC and broadcast on 27 February 1973. Scripted by Paul Dehn and produced by Jeremy Bennett, the 50-minute documentary was narrated by Eric Porter included interviews with Haukelid, Jens Poulsson and Joachim R√łnneberg. The events were also the inspiration for the film The Heroes of Telemark (1965), which starred Richard Harris as Knut and Kirk Douglas. The anonymous introduction in the Fontana edition is by Sir Colin Gubbins.

Holocaust by Gerald Green (New York, Bantam, 1978)
Corgi 0552-10889-8, 1978, 408pp, £1.25. Cover by Paul Davis
——, 2nd imp., 1978
Two families—the Dorfs and the family Weiss—one swept up in a frenzy of murderous rage, the other, anguished victims... victims of the most monstrous crime the world has ever witnessed, victims of the Holocaust.
__Erik Dorf... His diary reveals a charming, brilliant young German lawyer; the SS officer so consumed with love for his country and Fuhrer—and so aflame with ambition—that he can justify plans for the mass murder of Jews.
__Rudi Weiss... His story exposes a spectacularly fearless young Jew; a man so tough, so brave, he rushes into love and defies death in a world ablaze with passion and hatred.
__Two men, two families, all tossed into a maelstrom of terror, where simply to survive was to succeed. Holocaust is a story of heroism and survival... a story beyond tears of a time without compassion.
Holocaust was a Titus Production produced by Herbert Bodkin and Robert Berger, scripted by Gerald Green and directed by Marvin Chomsky. It starred Joseph Bottoms, Tovah Feldshuh, Rosemary Harris, Ian Holm, Michael Moriarty, George Rose, Robert Stevens, Meryl Streep, Sam Wanamaker, David Warner, Fritz Weaver and James Woods. Originally broadcast on CBS Television in 4 parts over four nights in April 1978, Holocaust was a major winner at the Emmy Awards in 1978, winning Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama or Comedy Series, Outstanding Directing of a Drama Series, Outstanding Film Editing in a Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Drama Series and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series; the series also won two Golden Globes for Best TV Actor—Drama and Best TV Actress—Drama. IMDB.

Ike by Melville Shavelson (New York, Warner Books, 1979)
Star 0352-30426-X, 1979, 272pp, £1.50. [FC photos: Robert Duvall, Lee Remick]
In December 1941, when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour finally prompted the USA to enter World War II, desk-bound General Dwight D. Eisenhower had not commanded so much as a platoon in the heat of battle. Yet, by the end of the war, 'Ike' had won the title Supreme Allied Commander, and had masterminded the invasion of Europe.
__This is the story of Eisenhower's war.
__During the four years he spent in London, North Africa and Europe, Ike made decisions and concocted plans upon which the lives of millions depended. He could not have borne it without an English girl called Kay Summersby. When the war in Europe was going badly, it was to Kay that Ike turned. When he doubted his own monumental decisions, it was Kay who bolstered Ike's confidence. When Roosevelt, Churchill, Patton and Montgomery were squabbling amongst themselves, it was Kay who provided Ike with the courage to carry on.
__We know that Ike was a great soldier; but now we can see that he was also a great man.
Ike was an ABC Special Presentation, executive produced Melville Shavelson and Louis Rudolph (for ABC Circle Films) and produced by Bill McCutchen. It was written by Shavelson based on the book Past Forgetting by Kay Summerby Morgan, and directed by Shavelson and Boris Sagal. Broadcast in 1979, it was also broadcast under the title Ike: The War Years. IMDB.

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