Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TV Tie-ins: Act of Betrayal

Act of Betrayal by Michael Chaplin. Corgi 0-552-13437-6, 1988, 265pp, £2.99. Cover: still [Elliott Gould].

A Griffin Production for TVS Television in association with ABC Australia, RTE and Strongbow. Producers: Nick Evans & Ray Alchin; Executive Producers: Graham Benson, Michael Deakin, Joe Mulholland, John Kelleher; Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark; Screenplay: Nick Evans & Michael Chaplin; Starring: Elliott Gould (Callaghan), Lisa Harrow (Eileen McGurk), Patrick Bergin (Michael McGurk), Bryan Marshall (Brian Kennedy), Krister Greer (Sean McGurk). IMDB.
A terrorist bomb explodes in London's West End a few days before Christmas, killing and maiming many. In Belfast, a top-ranking IRA man, Michael McGurk, sickened by the violence, walks into a police station and turns 'supergrass'.
__In revealing the secrets of his fellow terrorists, McGurk cuts himself off not only from his family and friends, but also from the beliefs that have previously ruled his life. He risks losing the love and respect of his wife and son - and earns the undying hatred of the movement he has damaged so badly.
__When a grateful British govenment provide the McGurks with new identities and a new home twelve thousand miles from the battered streets of Belfast, the IRA send their most experienced hitman on a chilling mission: to track down the family, and avenge the act of betrayal.
Michael Chaplin (1951- ) is a screenwriter and producer who went on to create Grafters and Monarch of the Glens. He won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for his screenplay "On Beulah Heights" from the Dalziel & Pascoe series. More recently he was one of the writers on the BBC's Robin Hood.

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