Friday, April 26, 2013

Comic Cuts - 26 April 2013

My nose was firmly to the grindstone for the first half of the week, making up for a couple of weeks that are best described as patchy. I mean, I got the Ranger book out but I've let other things distract me – my birthday, taking a whole day off, even doing some gardening.

Think of all the positive things to come out of this: I am one year older and therefore one year wiser, the day off only proved how easily I get bored and that damned spiny plant that was forever spearing everybody who risked going up and down the drive is now a memory. A hated memory of a spiteful plant. The bastard. We called it Spiny Norman because it was like having an angry porcupine with three-feet long quills jabbing at your legs on every trip out to the Co-op, or down to the post office or over to the bus stop.

There's a whole front garden that needs to be tamed but the bulk of the work will now have to wait until later in the year as we have at least three nesting pairs of birds in the thicket that should be a garden. We've had for some time a pair of blackbirds and a pair of robins, but they were joined recently by a pair of chaffinches (chaffinchi?). Pretty little things. It's the best excuse I've thought of for ignoring the garden so far this year.

I don't think we will have a repeat of last year when at least two nesting birds were attacked by cats. The cat in question (Blingy) hasn't been seen for ages. In fact, we've hardly seen any of the four cats I spotted last summer (Scatterpuss, Fluffybum, Blingy and the rarely seen Ninja). Five cats if you include Tiddles the naughty ghost cat, responsible for breaking wind and stealing sweets in the house. This year we seem to have only one cat, known as Socks if he's friendly, or Sox if he proves to be edgy or have an attitude.

This slightly insane rambling is here to fill a gap. Basically, I've no news and two-thirds of the excitement for the week is happening after this column is written. Tonight (as I'm writing – last night as you're reading) we're off to see Mitch Benn and on Saturday it's Mark Steel, touring his "In Town" show. But I can tell you that our little comedy binge got off to a fantastic start when Richard Herring's "Talking Cock" came to town on Wednesday night. I'm still trying to get to grips with this new camera and only managed to get a couple of presentable (that's presentable, not good) shots.

The show is hilarious. I'll admit now that I feared celebrating the male member was going to walk a fine line between the raging embarrassment men have about their winkies and overcompensation: laughing just to prove you can laugh about your todger. However, the audience were relaxed, responsive and ready to learn as Herring dropped facts and statistics throughout the show, often revealing some unexpected attitudes to the penis. This was superbly balanced with a mix of unexpectedly revealing insights and enough schoolboy humour to keep the show from growing po-faced. It's one of Herring's finest shows and the audience – the show was a sell-out – loved it.

Tonight is Mitch Benn. Hopefully I'll have some photos next week.

Today's random scans. Wilf McNeilly is best known as one of Sexton Blake's regulars although you'll find a few of his stories listed in the next index I do (Boys' World). He had quite a varied career and Bill Lofts used to tell one or two scurrilous stories about him. But nobody will deny that he could tell a yarn. Big Ice was his last published novel and isn't widely known even amongst his fans. Is that Chris Moore cover art? Tony Roberts?

Twisted Trails is an example of what Harold Johns got up to after he left the Frank Hampson studio. Not a hint of Dan Dare about this one.

The third (and I think final one for today) cover is by Eric Tansley who was a very good nature artist. He has appeared here on Bear Alley before and generated a lot of comments from fans and people who knew him.

We have Lesley Shane continuing over the weekend and through next week. I should hopefully also have the upcoming releases and recent releases columns posted... probably mid-week, but maybe earlier if I can get my act together on Sunday.

The Arms of Dracos part 5

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commando Issues 4595-4598

Commando Issues on sale 25th April 2013

Commando No 4595 – The Killing Cage

It was a straightforward assassination mission for the men of the Convict Commandos; the sort of job they had been sprung from jail to do without breaking a sweat.
   But this time they were up against an adversary who had a lot of experience of attempts on his life. He would make things very hot indeed for Major Guy Tenby’s men…using a flamethrower!

Story: Alan Hebden
Art: Benet
Cover: Benet

Commando No 4596 – Battle In The Desert

Sergeant Jack McBride of the French Foreign Legion was on the track of the bandit who had stolen his unit’s payroll. When he caught up with the theif, Amadou Bin Farzi, he intended to make him suffer for the crime by throwing him into a French jail.
   He had no way of knowing that when he did capture the rogue he would set of a train of events that would end in Bin Farzi being the only man who could keep him alive. The question on Jack’s mind then was, would he?

Story: Alex Woodrow
Art: Olivera
Cover: Janek Matysiak

Commando No 4597 – Fast Gun

Lieutenant “Duke” Callahan, Yankee, was new to the desert war. He was tough — but green.
   Lieutenant Bruce Wilson, Britisher, had been fighting sun, sand and Germans for a long time. He had plenty of toughness too — but he knew how to use it.
   These two would have made a great team together. That was the idea. But they took to hating each other’s guts — and when that happened that big desert just wasn’t big enough.


In every Commando story it’s a given that there’s a war going on. The other given is that’s very unlikely to be the main conflict in the tale. Somewhere the characters will be at loggerheads; if they’re on the same side and come to blows so much the better.
   Lurking behind Ken Barr’s cover art is just such a story, well realised from a Clegg script in strong black-and-white by early regular Commando artist Bielsa. Some of his tank edges look sharp enough to cut you as you read. And reading is what you’re supposed to do.
   So if you fancy a sparring contest in the desert, this is one for you.

Calum Laird, Editor

Story: Clegg
Art: Bielsa
Cover: Ken Barr
Originally Commando No 85 (September 1963), re-issued as No 571 (August 1971)

Commando No 4598 – One Good Turn…

They had captured a German Colonel! Quite a good day’s work, was that. But in doing it they had also saved him from being murdered by a bunch of brigands, and although they didn’t know it at the time it was going to save their own skins pretty soon.


An intriguing tale, this. One where we have some fairly standard Commando heroes and villains but, as the story unfolds and we get to know them, we discover that not every character behaves in the way that we may have expected them to.
   That’s a sign of some good writing…and sub-editing. If done properly, editing should be the “invisible” part of a comic strip — something that the reader really should never have to think about. Years ago, as a youngster reading comics, I used to think that they arrived fully formed on newsagent shelves as if by magic every week — hopefully some of you still feel the same way. 

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor

Story: Peter Mackenzie
Art: Denis McLoughlin
Cover: Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No 2191 (June 1988)

The Arms of Dracos part 4

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

World Book Night - 23 April 2013

Hi folks. It's World Book Night and for the first time there's a graphic novel on offer. For more details visit the World Book Night website. For more about the collection Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges follow this link.


The Arms of Dracos part 2

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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Arms of Dracos part 1

Welcome back Lesley Shane, star of an earlier Bear Alley strip presentation, Alias Colonel Blood (you'll have to scroll down and go back a page [older posts].

Lesley Shane was a female detective whose adventures appeared in the Daily Sketch in the early 1950s and were then syndicated worldwide until at least 1956, possibly later.

The quality of the original scans is poor and I've done my best to make them readable. The original newspaper strips have never been reprinted, although some stories were rejigged and revised to appear in Super Detective Library in 1953-57. The strips were also reprinted in an Australian comic book which ran for at lest 5 issues in around 1955.

Artist Oliver Passingham went on to draw other newspaper strips before spending thirty years working for D. C. Thomson before retiring in the early 1990s. He spent the next decade painting watercolours, dying in 2003, aged 78.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

C S Forester

Cecil Scott Forester was born Cecil Lewis Troughton Smith in Cairo. Egypt, on August 27, 1899, the son of George Smith, a British official in the Egyptian Ministry of Education. When still a child he was sent to England to be educated at Alleyn's School and Dulwich College, at neither of which, he says, did he make any particular impression, except as an extremely naughty boy. On leaving Dulwich College he went to Guy's Hospital as a medical student, but soon discovered that his interest in medicine was less than an interest in literature.

At twenty he was writing for periodicals, and he soon abandoned medicine altogether. His first novel, Payment Deferred, was written at the age of twenty-four and later dramatized and filmed with Charles Loughton in the leading role.

In 1932 Forester was offered a Hollywood contract and from then until 1939 he spent thirteen weeks of every year in America, where he worked on films such as Born for Glory (1935) and Eagle Squadron (1942).

Many of his most successful novels were sea stories, such as the famous 'Hornblower' series. In Hornblower, Forest created the most renowned sailor in contemporary fiction. The first three volumes (The Happy Return, A Ship of the Line, Flying Colours) were written as a trilogy, the middle volume of which won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. The next two novels in the series (The Commodore, Lord Hornblower) were little more than thinly disguised propaganda, published at the end of the war and using Napoleon as a surrogate Hitler. Hornblower

In all Forester wrote eleven Hornblower novels and a fragment of a twelfth which was published after his death. The published order does not follow Hornblower's career chronologically, and the correct reading order should be: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower, Hornblower and the Hotspur, Hornblower and the Crisis (the unfinished fragment), Hornblower and the Atropos, The Happy Return (US as Beat to Quarters), A Ship of the Line, Flying Colours, The Commodore, Lord Hornblower, Hornblower in the West Indies and 'The Last Encounter', a short story included in Hornblower and the Crisis. Captain Hornblower, R.N. was filmed in 1951.

On the outbreak of war Forester entered the Ministry of Information and later sailed with the Royal Navy's H.M.S. Penelope to collect material for The Ship, to whose officers and ship's company the book was dedicated. He then made a voyage to the Bering Sea to gather material for a similar book on the United States Navy. It was during this trip that he was stricken with arteriosclerosis, a disease which left him crippled. Forester subsequently moved to California with his family and made only occasional visits to England.

Among his many other successful novels may be mentioned The Gun, set during the Peninsular War, The General, set during the Great War, The Earthly Paradise, The Captain from Connecticut, about an American privateer, and The Sky and the Forest.

Forester was married twice: to Kathleen Belcher in 1926 (divorced 1944), with whom he had two sons; and to Dorothy Ellen Foster in 1947. He died on April 2, 1966.


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