Monday, September 06, 2010

Paul Victor

A "mysteries that have me mystified" column...

Paul Victor is a byline that cropped up briefly in the late 1970s, credited with a number of titles. The following listing may conflate more than one author, but I'm tempted to say they're all by the same hand simply because they fit into a neat chronology. Paul Victor appears to begin writing novels with Innocent Assassin, a paperback published in India in English, then adapts episodes of Porridge and Going Straight for the BBC, then the novelisation of Warlords of Atlantis before writing a number of educational short stories for Longmans, including the novella Lisa in London.

But who was he?

Innocent Assassin. New Delhi, India, Arnold-Heinemann (Mayfair), 1976.
Warlords of Atlantis (novelisation of the film). London, Futura, Jul 1978.
Lisa in London, illus. Brian Dennington. Harlow, Longman, 1983; adapted and revised as Laura in Los Angeles, illus. Judy Hans Price, New York, Longman, Jun 1984.

Another Stretch of Porridge (short stories adapted from the TV series). London, BBC, 1976.
A Further Stir of Porridge (short stories adapted from the TV series). London, BBC, Dec 1977.
Going Straight (short stories adapted from the TV series). London, BBC, 1978.
The Face on the Screen and other stories, illus. Gary Embury. London, Longman, Sep 1978.
The Spy, and other stories, photographs by Lance Brown. London, Longman, 1979 [Jan 1980].
The Psychic, illus. Ian McCraig. New York, Longman, Jun 1982.

Three Helpings of Porridge (contains: Porridge, Another Stretch of Porridge, A Further Stir of Porridge). London, Treasure, 1984.

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