Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hit the Dirt

Officially released on 1 April 2010, Hit the Dirt is a collection of six complete stories from Battle Picture Library, the third selection from Carlton following on from Death or Glory and Let 'Em Have It!.

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Top Secret (BPL 160, Jun 1964) Art: Aldoma Puig; Script: Norman Worker.
Diggers Defiant (BPL 128, Oct 1963) Art: Martin Salvador; Script: Paul Greenfield.
Fire - and Destroy (BPL 119, Aug 1963) Art: Victor de la Fuente; Script: Justin Long.
Honours Even (BPL 133, Dec 1963) Art: Jose Ortiz; Script: Douglas Leach.
The Scorpion's Sting (BPL 129, Nov 1963) Art: Josep Marti; Script: A. Carney Allan.
Blood Feud (BPL 123, Sep 1963) Art: Juan Gonzalez Alacreu; Script: R. P. Clegg.

Further information and details can be found in our book The Fleetway Picture Library Index Vol. 1: The War Libraries.


Focusing on the intensity of the battle fought on land, these six gripping stories from Battle Picture Library carry you straight into life-or-death combat situations on the front line during the Second World War.

Hear the bullets fly, see the shells burst and feel the shockwaves of exploding grenades in these classic comic book adventures which are reproduced 25 per cent bigger than the originals for maximum fighting-action impact.

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