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Juliet Dymoke

I'm posting this more as an excuse to show off some examples of cover art painted by Colin Andrew than as a cover gallery for romance authoress Juliet Dymoke [Juliet Dymoke de Schanschieff, 1919-2001]. I've just posted a piece about Colin Andrew over on the Illustration Art Gallery blog, which covers his career as a comic strip artist and a book cover artist.

About the Author
Juliet Dymoke was born at Enfield in Middlesex and educated at a boarding school in the country. During the war she worked for The Canadian Army Medical Records and at that time married Hugo de Schanschieff who was then serving as an air gunner in he Royal Air Force.

It was while her husband was away in the R.A.F. that Juliet Dymoke turned her attention to writing and also to work on scripts for various films companies. She has published several books for children but counts historical novels with "more fact than fiction" as her particular field. She has travelled all over the British Isles in the course of her research, as she makes a special point of authenticity. Among her main interests are music, television drama and "anything to do with the countryside".

Novels (series: French Revolution; Henry I; The Plantagenets)
The Sons of the Tribune. An adventure on the Roman Wall, illus. John Harris. London, Edward Arnold, 1956.
The Orange Sash. London, Jarrolds, 1958.
Born for Victory. London, Jarrolds, 1960.
Treason in November. London, Jarrolds, 1961.
Bend Sinister. London, Jarrolds, 1962.
The Cloisterman. London, Dobson, Nov 1969.
Of the Ring of Earls (Henry I). London, Dobson, Oct 1970.
Henry of the High Rock (Henry I). London, Dobson, Oct 1971.
Serpent in Eden. London, Wingate, Mar 1973.
The Lion's Legacy (Henry I). London, Dobson, Mar 1974.
Prisoner of Rome, illus. W. Frances Phillipps. London, Dobson, Jul 1975.
Shadows on a Throne. London, Wingate, Nov 1976.
A Pride of Kings (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, Mar 1978.
The Royal Griffin (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, Jun 1978.
The Lion of Mortimer (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, Feb 1979.
The White Cockade (French Revolution). London, Dobson, Mar 1979.
Lady of the Garter (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, 1979.
The Lord of Greenwich (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, 1980.
The Sun in Splendour (Plantagenets). London, New English Library, Mar 1980.
A Kind of Warfare. London, Dobson, Apr 1981.
The Queen's Diamond (French Revolution). London, Severn House, Mar 1985.
March to Corunna (French Revolution). London, Severn House, Aug 1985.
Aboard the Mary Rose, illus. Jackie Cargin. London, Severn House, Oct 1985.
Two Flags for France (French Revolution). London, Severn House, Oct 1986.
A Border Knight. London, Severn House, May 1987. 
The Spanish Boy, illus. Jackie Cargin. London, Severn House, Jun 1987.
Ride to Glencoe. Wellingborough, Kimber, Jun 1989.
Portrait of Jenny. London, Piatkus, Jul 1990.
Hollander's House. London, Piatkus, Jul 1991.
Cry of the Peacock. London, Piatkus, Oct 1992.
Winter's Daughter. London, Piatkus, 1993 [Feb 1994].
A Fragile Marriage. London, Piatkus, May 1995.
The Making of Molly March. London, Piatkus, Jun 1996.
Cassie's Captain. London, Piatkus, Feb 1997.

London in the Eighteenth Century, illus. G. Fry. London, Longmans, 1958.

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