Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV Tie-ins: The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War was John Finch's follow-up to A Family at War, set in the Lake District village of Whitstanton  with two families of different social classes—the working class Haywards and the wealthy Warringtons—central to the storyline.

The show was originally broadcast on Granada between 27 January and 9 March 1980 and was followed by two further series (25 July to 29 August 1980, 30 June to 18 August 1981) making a total of 20 hour-long episodes. The show was written by Finch and H. V. Kershaw and starred Alan Hunter, William Lucas, Emily Moore, James Bate, Ian Hastings, Jane How, Avis Bunnage, David Langton, Colette O'Neil, Anita Carey, Nat Jackley, Madelaine Newton and Malcolm Tierney. IMDB.

The Spoils of War by Keith Miles
Fontana 6015, 1980, 191pp, 95p. [FC photo: Emily Moore, William Lucas, James Bate, Avis Bunnage]
As World War II draws to a close, the Cumbrian village of Whitstanton gathers to celebrate victory. But for the Hayward family, not all the spoils of war are sweet...
__Blake had left a girl behind in Germany—behind the Russian lines. Jean will have to choose between a refugee she loves and a husband she thought dead; a husband so changed that his son is afraid of him. Only Peg Hayward, in love for the first time, is completely happy. She loves Mark Warrington, but their love must defeat barriers of class and wealth, and the illness that overshadows her life...
The Spoils of War Book II: The Promised Land by Keith Miles.
Fontana 6234, 1981, 190pp, £1.25. [FC photo: Alan Hunter, Jane How]
The Haywards and the Warringtons, a working class family and a wealthy family, bound together by ties of marriage, of shared tragedy, of hope...
__For some the new era promises happiness. For one an impossible dream come true.
__But not all the scars of war heal so easily. Jean Hayward still mourns the men she once loved. And Blake's nearly-forgotten agony begins again, as he meets his own son for the first time.

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