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TV Tie-ins: Devenish

Devenish was a Granada comedy created and written by Anthony Couch, produced by John G. Temple and directed by Brian Mills. The show starred Dinsdale Landen (as Devenish), Terence Alexander, Geoffrey Bayldon and Geoffrey Chater.

Arthur P. Devenish was the chief games deviser for a games' company who had an overinflated sense of self-importance which irritated his colleagues. Devenish ran to two series, 13 episodes in all, broadcast on ITV in 1977-78.

Devenish: The Horizontal Rocket by Anthony Couch.
Mayflower 0583-12854-8, Feb 1978, 159pp, 75p.
In his secluded office, deep in thought, sits the man who is the creative mastermind behind Universal Pastimes Limited. What tortuously ingenious scheme will he conceive for the greater glory of UPL? What grandiose plan that will turn competitors' marketing strategies to dust? Suddenly, his eyes become filled with a strange, wild light; he reaches for the telephone...
__Biddlecombe of Personnel turns pale; House Manager Craddock quakes; Company Secretary Liversedge heads for the washroom; Fitzroy, UPL's dynamic managing director, even forgets whether it's Swiss roll or chocolate cake today...
__British industry holds its breath as Arthur P. Devenish strikes again!

About the Author
Anthony Couch has written extensively to TV, theatre and radio and was head of music departments for two television companies, one of them Yorkshire. His TV credits include episodes of ITV Playhouse, Crossroads, Hadleigh, Emmerdale Farm, All Our Saturdays, The Flaxton Boys, Our Kid, Crown Court and Yanks Go Home. He was the creator and author of a number of comedies, including Devenish (1977), Take My Wife (1979) and Nice Work (1980). He later penned episodes of The Gentle Touch and Perfect Scoundrels.

He is married to June, a publisher, and lives in Oxfordshire.

Devenish. London, Mayflower, 1978.
Memoirs of a Twelfth Man: The Recollections of J. A. P. Withers of Stipford Rural Cricket Club. Marlborough, Crowood, 1984; London, Unwin Paperbacks, 1985.
The Ring of the Niblicks; or, Siegfried's Revenge, illus. James Sykes. Lime Tree Publications, 2005.

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