Friday, September 03, 2010

TV tie-in editions cover gallery 2: The Tripods

Massive, alien machines, the Tripods had ruled Earth for hundreds of years and enslaved the minds and bodies of most adults through the silvery caps they made them wear.

The White Mountains by John Christopher
Puffin 0-14-031684-1, 1984. Cover photo by Chris Ridley
When Will Parker fled the Capping ceremony which would bring him under the mind-control of the Tripods, he set off for the distant White Mountains, where a growing pocket of rebels lived and fought for freedom. But travelling uncapped, Will was bound to attract attention and he soon discovered that his journey was to be even more dangerous than he imagined...

The City of Gold and Lead by John Christopher
Puffin 0-14-031685-X, 1984. Cover photo by Jeremy Grayson
Sent on a desperate mission to penetrate one of the Tripods' cities, Will Parker and his two companions were determined to discover something, anything, which could be used against their alien Masters. Getting into the city without arousing suspicion was certainly going to be tricky—but getting out was to prove well-nigh impossible!

The Pool of Fire by John Christopher
Puffin 0-14-031686-8, 1984. Cover photo by Jeremy Grayson
The rebels of the White Mountains planned to risk everything in a mad, daring scheme to capture one of the Masters from inside his Tripod machine, and Will Parker was soon in the thick of his new, daring exploit which could bring the rebels vital knowledge—or spell disaster of them all!

The Tripods Trilogy.
Puffin 0-14-031722-8, 1984. Cover photo by Douglas Playle

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