Thursday, March 31, 2022

Commando 5527-5530

A fresh set of Commandos with two debut writers alongside some veteran classics. Action-packed thrills all-round in this fabulous foursome! Issues 5527-5530 are out today.

5527: Thunder

Deep in enemy territory, what happens in the jungle stays in the jungle — or so says Sergeant Masters, the late Sergeant Smit’s replacement. As the pressures of the Vietnam War mount upon the American soldiers, inspired by the philosophies of his mentor and pushed on by the death of his brother, only men like Corporal Mike Thunder stand in the way of atrocities on both sides.

Introducing new writer Peter Morrisson in this tense Vietnam story with interiors by Muller and a dramatic cover by Mark Harris.

Story | Peter Morrisson
Art| Muller
Cover | Mark Harris

5528: The Fugitives

They say men go mad in the desert, and when thirteen desperate Nazis take Lieutenant Steve Roland and Brigadier Alan Warren prisoner, Steve finally understands why! Why the enemy aren’t shipping them off to HQ is a mystery, but coping with Warren is almost as difficult as escaping the enemy as Steve fights to save them both in the desert wastes.

A classic Commando story from Allan, with delightful interiors from Kennedy and an iconic cover from Penalva.

Story | Allan
Art | Kennedy
Cover | Penalva
Originally Commando No. 431 (1969)

5529: Underground!

After the accident at the mines, Charlie Newlands was never the same. Eager to support his bereaved family he enlists in 1914, hoping to put the past behind him. But Charlie must face his worst nightmares as he battles it out with his former boss on the front lines, in the one place he never wanted to find himself again… Underground!

Stephen Hume debuts in this action-packed drama, with stark interiors from De Feo and an emotive cover from Neil Roberts.

Story | Stephen Hume
Art | De Feo
Cover | Neil Roberts

5530: Follow the Leader!

One false move and anything can happen in a battle — you could even wake up to find yourself a hero — and that’s exactly what happened to Jeff Parker on D-Day! The only man to have seen action anywhere near the beaches, Jeff inspires his green unit as they take on the Nazis and find true heroes in themselves.

This amusing story of misunderstandings from Motton is beautifully complimented by interiors from well-loved Commando artist, Gordon C. Livingstone, with a painterly cover from Philpott.

Story | Motton
Art | Gordon C Livingstone
Cover | Philpott
Originally Commando No. 1773 (1984)

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Rebellion Releases — 30 March 2022

The Judge Dredd work of a master artist, presented at original size in a gorgeous hardcover - the Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition is available to pre-order now!

Due for release at the end of October 2022, this unmissable over-sized book features high-resolution scans of original Judge Dredd artwork by one of 2000 AD's biggest talents, presented in a deluxe, over-sized facsimile edition that reproduces McMahon's stunning art at its actual size.

As well as a standard hardcover edition, fans can order a special slipcase edition exclusively through the 2000 AD webshop. It comes in an attractive slipcase and with an extra bound page - individually numbered and signed by McMahon - with brand new art created exclusively for this edition.

Webshop pre-orders for the slipcase edition will close at 12pm BST on Friday 1 June. Webshop pre-orders for the standard edition will close on 12pm BST Friday 2 September. The standard edition will also be available to pre-order from comic book stores through Diamond Distribution's Previews magazine.

From the first published Judge Dredd story to his iconic work on serials such as 'The Cursed Earth' and 'The Judge Child', McMahon's constantly evolving style has helped make him one of the greatest Dredd artists of all time. Famed for his 'big boots' design and vivid imagination, McMahon's work helped define Dredd's world and won him legions of fans.

From his dynamic early work influenced by Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra to his later utterly unique style, this Apex Edition showcases the evolution of his career in unprecedented detail and demonstrates how McMahon came to influence generations of comic book artists.

Complete stories such as 'Judge Whitey', 'Frankenstein II', 'The Wreath Murders', and 'Dream Palace' are published alongside pages from 'The Cursed Earth', 'The Day the Law Died', 'The Judge Child', and 'The Fink'.  As well as his brush and pen work, the reproduced pages include many of their original titles and word balloons, as well as printer’s marks and other ephemera, giving fans the chance to see these pages in all their glory.

The standard edition is available to pre-order from the 2000 AD webshop and will also be available for comic book stores to order through Diamond Distribution's Previews magazine this summer. The limited edition slipcase is available to order only through the 2000 AD webshop.

This collection follows the successful Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland Apex Edition, which is being published this year. Further volumes of original art by other 2000 AD artists are planned.

And now, this week's release...

2000AD Prog 2275
Cover: Pye Parr.

Judge Dredd: The Citadel by John Wagner (w) Dan Cornwell (a) Dylan Teague (c) Annie Parkhouse
Kingmaker: Falls the Shadow by Ian Edginton (w) Leigh Gallagher (a) Jim Campbell (l)
Intestinauts: The Bowel Impactors by Arthur Wyatt (w)
Pye Parr (a+l)
Fiends of the Eastern Front: 1963 by Ian Edginton (w) Tiernen Trevallion (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Brink: Mercury Retrograde by Dan Abnett (w) INJ Culbard (a) Simon Bowland

Friday, March 25, 2022

Comic Cuts — 25 March 2022

It has been a bit of a crazy week. I've been trying to sort out things like doctors and dentists and while all is fine, it's a faff that I could do without as I always find it frustrating to sit on the phone while a recording tells me how important I am. I was also quite amazed to work out that, for the duration I was sat in the chair at the dentists, my dentist was earning about £150 an hour. No wonder he only needs me to visit every six months.

With Mel now back at work we are no longer walking along the river every day, but we were out and about at the weekend and decided to walk along the tow path that heads westwards and swings around to link up with the Wivenhoe Trail, which takes us east and back towards home.

Over the past couple of years, the Trail has been a source of contention between the local council and a firm that was looking after the area known as Ferry Marsh (partly enclosed by the two routes of the tow path and the Wivenhoe Trail). There was an argument about whose job it was to open a sluice that helped drain the marsh. When we were using the Trail during the summer, the water levels were high, which was nice because it meant secluded pools were being used by coots and moorhens and other birds that we wouldn't normally see.

During the winter we avoided the Trail because the canopy of trees meant that it never dried out properly. We were warned by friends in February that the water was now lapping over the path, which was constantly muddy. We also heard that, about two weeks ago, the council was taking back control of the area and was planning to open the sluices.

We left it a week or so to give the path a chance to dry out and on Sunday we took the opportunity of a sunny day to see what a difference it had made. And the difference was huge. Not only was the path almost dry, the water level had dropped a couple of feet. I dug out a couple of photos from March 2021, so this was not the Trail at its worst, but you can definitely see how bad it was a year ago.

I was scanning some westerns this week and I'll be working on a volume of The Steel Claw next, which is a bit of treat for me as it's my favourite strip!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Rebellion Releases — 23 March 2022

Brace yourselves, Earthlets everywhere - The Galaxy’s Greatest: 2000 AD at 45, the star-studded online convention celebrating four and a half decades of the groundbreaking British comic, is this weekend!

The two-day show will stream online and for free on 26 and 27 March on, as well as 2000 AD’s Facebook and YouTube, and Rebellion’s dedicated Twitch stream.  

Featuring more than sixty guests on twenty panels, The Galaxy's Greatest features celebrities and creators discussing the impact of 2000 AD on them, on comics, and on wider culture over almost half a century.

Guests from the world of entertainment include award-winning comedians Robin Ince (The Infinite Monkey Cage), Desiree Burch (Taskmaster, Unfuckable), Dane Baptiste (Mock the Week8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown) and Mitch Benn (The Now Show), bestselling authors Ian Rankin OBE (Rebus), Lauren Beukes (The Shining Girls), and Louie Stowell (Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good), writer and broadcaster David Quantick (The Day Today), MPs Stella Creasy and Alex Sobel, and political commentator Ian Dunt (newspaper, How To Be A Liberal) with more to be announced!

The event will throw a spotlight on the people who have helped make 2000 AD the galaxy’s greatest comic, with creators both new and legendary sharing their stories and insights on the comics-making process — including interviews with the creator of 2000 AD, Pat Mills, co-creator of Judge Dredd and Strontium DogJohn Wagner, as well as panels with Mick McMahon (Judge Dredd), Brian Bolland (Judge DreddBatman), Jock (Batman), Garth Ennis (The BoysPreacher), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad), Alex de Campi (Archie vs Predator), Frank Quitely (All Star SupermanSean Phillips (Criminal), Dan Abnett (BrinkSinister DexterAnna Morozova (Judge Anderson), John McCrea (Hitman), INJ Culbard (BrinkBrass Sun), Chris Weston (Judge Dredd), Simon Davis (Sláine), Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Steve Yeowell (Zenith), Dan Cornwell (Rok of the Reds), Aleš Kot (Zero), Tom Foster (Storm Warning), Arthur Wyatt (Dredd), Michael Carroll (Judge DreddProteus Vex), Chris Burnham (Batman), Liana Kangas (Star Wars Adventures), Annie Parkhouse (letterer, Judge Dredd), Chris Blythe (colouristJudge Dredd), Korinna Mei Veropoulou (Harlem Heroes), Ramzee (Harlem Heroes), Sally Jane Hurst (colourist, Dreadnoughts), Sir Ian Livingstone (creator of Judge Dredd board game) and more.

The next 45 years of 2000 AD will also be discussed with owners and publishers Chris Kingsley OBE and Jason Kingsley OBE, and current editor Matt Smith - now the longest serving editor in 2000 AD history.

The Galaxy’s Greatest promises to be an unmissable experience befitting such a milestone for Britain’s most groundbreaking comic!

And now, this week's prog...

2000AD Prog 2274
Cover: Cliff Robinson / Dylan Teague (col).

Judge Dredd: The Citadel by John Wagner (w) Dan Cornwell (a) Dylan Teague (c) Annie Parkhouse
Kingmaker: Falls the Shadow by Ian Edginton (w) Leigh Gallagher (a) Jim Campbell (l)
Proteus Vex: Desire Paths by Michael Carroll (w)
Jake Lynch (a) Jim Boswell (c) Simon Bowland (l)
Fiends of the Eastern Front: 1963 by Ian Edginton (w) Tiernen Trevallion (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Brink: Mercury Retrograde by Dan Abnett (w) INJ Culbard (a) Simon Bowland

Friday, March 18, 2022

Comic Cuts — 18 March 2022

We had our closest to a Covid scare this week following Mel's trip to a convention when she was told that someone had been "pinged" on Monday, and a general warning had gone out to attendees on Facebook. She was feeling a bit scratchy in the throat, but tested negative. A friend, however, tested positive on Tuesday, so everyone is taking tests daily. I will add that all of us are fully jabbed and boosted, so nobody is expecting anything other than a mild infection, if anything. It does mean that four of the nine games' players who regularly get together for our Saturday zoom games have now had the bug. Keep being careful, folks! [[Thursday night update: we're up to five now; another friend who attended the same convention has the bug. As of this morning Mel's latest test came back negative and I'm feeling fine.]]

I have been waiting on some information in order to complete my first batch of Spider introductions, so I still have a little bit of tinkering to do there, although they're for the most part done. While I have been waiting I've switched back to cleaning up artwork, concentrating this week on 'Patty's World' so that it can be translated into Spanish, coloured and published in a nice, neat hardback format as 'Esther y su mundo' [Esther and her world]. I wasn't involved in the first volume, but did some work for the second, which is coming out at the end of this month, and I'm currently working on volume three for (I think) publication in the summer.

I'm told that copies of the first two books I was involved with are on their way, which I'm very much looking forward to. One will be the third edition of The Steel Claw that I've been involved with (one for Titan, one for Egmont in Finland, and now one in Spain!). It's still my favourite strip!

What does this mean for the Action book. Well, this is what will pay for it. I have kept Bear Alley Books going for over a decade, but it isn't by any means a money-spinner. I've had to pause work on books on more than one occasion so that I can earn some money. If I'm frugal, that means I can then spend a few months researching and writing the next book. It occasionally means projects getting left along the wayside — The Valiant Index is still waiting to be completed, the new edition of The Mike Western Story, updates to the Power Comics indexes and the trio of Knockout, Comet and Sun... they're all waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, I still have rent to pay every month and it looks very much like we're about to go into a Seventies style inflationary spiral again, thanks to the three fisted gut-punch of Brexit, Covid and Putin. I don't have the financial parachute of a steady job, and my business costs are rising (everything is going up from printing costs to postage charges) — and that's on top of the soaring cost of living. Like everyone, our gas and electricity bills are about to more than double, the cost of food is rising (faster than inflation if, like me, you favour the value ranges of foods which are rapidly becoming a thing of the past), and both council tax and National Insurance are going up next month.

I don't want to sound too gloomy, but I'm in a niche market and, while I never expected to make a fortune, I also can't afford to lose my shirt. I love doing these books, but they have to take a back seat for a couple of months so that I can pay the bills. But do let me know if you know any oligarchs with a spare billion or two that they need to offload quickly, and I'll drop everything and get back to work on the last section of Action!

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Commando 5523-5526

Brand-new issues of Commando are out today, featuring watercolourists in the Somme, rival truck drivers, spies in the North African Desert, and a deadly aircraft carrier prowling the Pacific!

5523: Set the Somme

Captain Archibald Rankin had been on the front line of the Great War for two years. He was a no-nonsense officer type who wanted nothing more than to get his men through alive. So why, when he asked for reinforcements to his beleaguered line, did they send him men armed with paintbrushes and scenery, led by a pompous nitwit of an artist? Rankin didn’t care if he was Sir Reginald Bluth the famous landscape painter commissioned by the king —he wanted fighting men not camoufleurs!

Andrew Knighton spotlights an unusual part of the First World War often overlooked – but no longer! And with an atmospheric Neil Roberts cover to boot!

Story | Andrew Knighton
Art| Klacik
Cover | Neil Roberts

5524: Battle-wagon

In the whole British Army, there was no truck driver as dashing or daring as Corporal Bill Bragg... that’s what all Bill Bragg’s men believed. But one day, when Bill was driving flat out, he heard a truck horn behind him blare out an angry request to pass. At the wheel of the pursuing truck was Corporal Mike Maguire who was never happy to be second to anybody... not even to big Bill Bragg. It was the start of a private war that made the real war look like a picnic.

A classic Commando from the 1960s’ vault with Smith’s masterful writing and Alonso and Lopez Epsi on artwork duty. This isn’t one to miss!

Story | Smith
Art | Alonso
Cover | Lopez Epsi
Originally Commando No. 422 (1969)

5525: Sink the Shokaku!

A secret, third Shokaku-Class Aircraft Carrier carries eight twin dual-purpose guns, twelve anti-aircraft guns and over seventy-two aircraft — a heck of a threat for the Royal Australian Navy in the South Pacific! But there are two rowdy and tenacious captains who won’t rest until it goes under! A regular couple of Ahabs, this is one white whale that will never get away from them.

Another story in the hugely successful HMS Wombat and Tiger series from Brent Towns doing what he does best! He’s teamed up with Morhain and Keith Burns on art yet again making this a universally amazing issue!

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Morhain
Cover | Keith Burns

5526: Hot Sand Cold Courage

The war in the Western Desert was a game of cat and mouse, with each side desperately trying to find out what the other was planning. When the Germans seemed to be gaining the upper hand, it was up to British Intelligence and a very cunning agent to set the balance right.

A silver era issue come to play again with CG Walker on script and Nebot and Jeff Bevan on art.

Story | CG Walker
Art | Nebot
Cover | Jeff Bevan
Originally Commando No. 1770 (1984)

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Rebellion Releases — 16 March 2022

It’s less than two weeks to go until The Galaxy’s Greatest – our FREE online convention celebrating 45 years of 2000 AD!

Streaming over 26 and 27 March on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook, the two-day show will feature top flight celebrity and creator guests on more than a dozen panels, all discussing the impact of 2000 AD on comics, culture, and politics over almost half a century – as well as announcements and new merchandise.

And we’ve announced even more guests from our fantastic line-up, including:

  • legendary Judge Dredd and Sláine artist MICK MCMAHON
  • children’s author LOUIE STOWELL
  • comedian and broadcaster ROBIN INCE
  • Criminal and The Fade Out artist SEAN PHILLIPS
  • bestselling author LAUREN BEUKES
  • comedian DESIREE BURCH
  • Judge Dredd and Proteus Vex writer MICHAEL CARROLL
  • author and founder of Games Workshop IAN LIVINGSTONE
  • MP and campaigner STELLA CREASY
  • and comic book writer RAMSEY HASSAN
And there are plenty more announcements to come!

The event will throw a spotlight on the people who have helped make 2000 AD the galaxy’s greatest comic, with creators both new and legendary sharing their stories and insights on the comics-making process — including a feature interview with the co-creator of Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, John Wagner, as well as panels with Brian Bolland (Judge Dredd, Batman), Jock (Batman), Garth Ennis (The BoysPreacher), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad), Alex de Campi (Archie vs Predator), Frank Quitely (All Star Superman) Sean Phillips (Criminal), Dan Abnett (Brink, Sinister Dexter) Anna Morozova (Judge Anderson), John McCrea (Hitman), INJ Culbard (Brink, Brass Sun), Chris Weston (Judge Dredd), Simon Davis (Sláine), Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Steve Yeowell (Zenith), Dan Cornwell (Rok of the Reds), Aleš Kot (Zero), Tom Foster (Storm Warning), Arthur Wyatt (Dredd), Chris Burnham (Judge Dredd), Annie Parkhouse (letterer, Judge Dredd), Chris Blythe (colourist, Judge Dredd), Sally Jane Hurst (colourist, Dreadnoughts) Ian Livingstone (creator of Judge Dredd board game) and more to be announced.

And now, this week's releases...

2000AD Prog 2273
Cover: Tiernen Trevallion

Judge Dredd: The Citadel by John Wagner (w) Dan Cornwell (a) Dylan Teague (c) Annie Parkhouse
Kingmaker: Falls the Shadow by Ian Edginton (w) Leigh Gallagher (a) Jim Campbell (l)
Proteus Vex: Desire Paths by Michael Carroll (w)
Jake Lynch (a) Jim Boswell (c) Simon Bowland (l)
Fiends of the Eastern Front: 1963 by Ian Edginton (w) Tiernen Trevallion (a) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Brink: Mercury Retrograde by Dan Abnett (w) INJ Culbard (a) Simon Bowland

Judge Dredd Megazine 442
Cover: Phil Winslade

Judge Dredd: Praise Zort by Rory McConville (w) Staz Johnson (a) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse
Death Cap by TC Eglington (w)
Boo Cook (a) Simon Bowland (l)
Diamond Dogs III by James Peaty (w) Warren Please (a) Simon Bowland (l)
Lawless: Ballots Over Badrock by Dan Abnett (w), Phil Windslade (a) Jim Campbell (l)
Surfer by John Wagner (w) Colin MacNeil (a) Chris Blythe (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Features: Where Are They Now? and Ian Kennedy obituary by Karl Stock, David Barnett interview by Steven Jewell
Bagged graphic novel: Hawk the Slayer #3 by Garth Ennis (w) Henry Flint (a) Rob Steen (l)

Scarlet Traces Volume 3 by Ian Edginton & D'Israeli
Rebellion ISBN 978-1786108943-9, 15 March 2022, 129pp, £14.99 / $19.99. Available via Amazon.

The visionary comic series from Ian Edginton and D’Israeli continues! It is 1968 and the Martians have finally returned and are ready to wreck their terrible revenge. Can a ragtag team of Humans and Venusian survivors, spread across the solar system, stop the Martian plan to weaponise the sun itself and wipe humanity off the Earth in this third volume of the critically acclaimed sequel to H.G. Wells’ iconic novel The War of the Worlds.

2000AD Regened Volume 3 by Arthur Wyatt, Cavan Scott, Ramzee, Mike Carroll, David Baillie, Liam Johnson, Colin Harvey and artists Davide Tinto, Paul Davidson, Korinna Mei Veropoulou, Luke Horsman, Anna Morozova, Jake Lynch, Simon Coleby and Tom Newell
Rebellion ISBN 978-178618484-9, 15 March 2022, 112pp, £12.99 / $15.99. Available via Amazon.

The critically acclaimed all ages comic from 2000 AD returns! The galaxy’s favourite thrill-powered science fiction comic is back with another line up of electrifying stories aimed at all ages! Reimagined versions of classic 2000 AD characters like Judge Dredd, star alongside brand new characters, specially created for a younger audience. In this, the third smashing volume, follow the action packed adventures of Cadet Dredd as he battles robots! Save the world from aliens with Judge Anderson! Meet the mightiest cat burglar of Mega-City One! Marvel at the brain-busting and jaw dropping Future Shocks! Plus, in an exclusive new strip, classic 2000 AD characters the Harlem Heroes return! Critically acclaimed and beloved by old and new fans alike, 2000 AD Regened storms into its third brilliant collection. Can you handle the awesomeness of 2000 AD Regened?

Birdman & Chicken: The Krazy Crusaders by Trevor Metcalfe
Rebellion ISBN 978-817618492-4, 17 March 2022, 192pp, £14.99 / $19.99. Available via Amazon.

To the outside world, Dick Lane and Mick Mason look like two average, law-abiding citizens. However, they lead an amazing double life - for when fiendish finks and vile villains step over the line, Dick and Mick strike back as the crime-fighting duo, Birdman and Chicken! Cowled, caped and equipped with a vast array of crime-busting gadgets, Birdman and Chicken fight back against the likes of The Giggler, Sourpuss, The Puzzler and Father Time – and sometimes they win! A rib-tickling parody of the 1966 Batman television series, Trevor Metcalfe’s super-series was a highlight of Krazy comic every week and is finally collected here for the first time.

Monday, March 14, 2022

An illustrated bibliography of the western novels by Peter C. Watts

An illustrated bibliography of the western novels
by Peter C. Watts

by Anders N. Nilsson & Patrik Myrman

(Note: This being a lengthy feature means that the second, illustrated section has been pushed onto a second page. When you  reach the end of the text for this first part, click on the "older pages" link below and to the right of the article and you'll find the illustrations. Or click here and the illustrated post will open in a new window.)


The British author Peter C. Watts (1919-1983; not Canadian SF-author with same name born in 1958) had his first western novels published under the pseudonym Matt Chisholm in 1958 by Panther Books Ltd, started by Hamilton’s in London in 1952. Altogether 65 of his novels were first published by Panther, the last one in 1971. In 1961 and 1962 two of his novels were published under the pseudonym Luke Jones by Consul Books, an imprint of World Distributors (Manchester), active between 1961 and 1966. In 1963 Watts had two of his Chisholm novels published by Mayflower Books Ltd, or Mayflower Dell, started in 1962 as a British branch of the US Dell Publisher. Altogether 26 of his novels were first published by Mayflower, the last one in 1974. Both Mayflower and Panther Books were in 1968 bought by Granada Publishing Ltd, who owned them until 1983, when they were sold to William Collins, Sons & Co Ltd in Glasgow.  Between 1978 and 1981 Watts had 22 new Chisholm titles published by Hamlyn Books, at the time a part of the IPC media group. Outside Great Britain, Watts had between 1974 and 1984 another 22 of his novels published as first editions in Norwegian translation by the Bladkompaniet publisher in Oslo. The pseudonym Cy James was first used by Watts in 1963, and whereas Matt Chisholm was used on 112 of his first editions, Cy James was used on only 21. In some of the German editions, Watts novels were published under house names like Les Hondo, Ben Tucker, and Gordon Forbes Uvalde.

Many Matt Chisholm books were bestsellers with a wide distribution globally, and the back cover blurb on Mayflower’s editions from the 70’s cites Daily Mirror: “Matt Chisholm has one of the biggest world sales of any writer – seven million people in eleven countries have bought his tales.” Besides the countries cited below, the English editions were sold also in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa, according to the back cover price information. Bastei’s German McAllister paperbacks had back cover prices indicating distribution in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Format of bibliography

The bibliography includes 579 editions in nine different languages from eleven different countries of 135 western novels by Peter Watts. Most editions are paperbacks, and other formats included are hardbacks, magazines, romanhefte, and e-books. Audiobook editions are excluded. The basic unit in the bibliography is the story, recognized by its contents and named by the title used in its first and original publication.

Based on the name of the lead character, novel-length stories are here separated into 50 stand-alone and the following five series based on the name of the lead character: Blade (13), Hodge (3), McAllister (51), Spur (9) and Storm (9). Within each category the original titles are sorted alphabetically. Different editions of each story are first sorted after country of publication, with England first and the others following in alphabetical order, and then after year of publication. It is noted when the author name used on an edition differs from the one used on the first edition.

Within parenthesis after the author name of the first edition are given for each story some names of characters or towns mentioned in the text. When the full text of the novel was not available these names were taken from back cover blurb or e-book previews. In the stand-alone novels, two names representing the lead protagonist and antagonist or female partner were aimed at, whereas in novels belonging to series with a fixed hero, only one additional name was aimed at. The replacement of the name of the lead character in later editions is noted, a practice seemingly restricted to Norway and the Bladkompaniet publisher.

Publishers of printed series cited

(AU) Western Monthly – Shakespeare Head Press, Sydney; (DE) Balowa – Balowa, Balve; Colorado Western-Story, Pabel Western, Pabel Wildwest & Star Western – Pabel, Rastatt, Kelter Western – Kelter, Hamburg, Bastei Western & McAllister– Bastei, Gladbach, Moewig Wildwest Romane – Moewig, Rastatt, Rekord Western –Rekord-Verlag, Viersen, Rodeo Western – Zauberkreis, Rastatt; (DK) En Texas bog, McAllister & Ny pocket bog – Winther, Copenhagen; (EN) Bloomsbury – Bloomsbury Publishing, London, Consul – Consul Books (World Distributors), London, Gold Lion – Gold Lion Books, London, Hamlyn – Hamlyn Books, London, Hale – Robert Hale, London, Linford Western Library & Ulverscroft – Ulverscroft, Leicester, Mayflower & Mayflower Dell – Mayflower Books, London, Panther – Panther Books (Hamilton), London, PFD – Peters Fraser & Dunlop, London, Piccadilly – Piccadilly Publishing, London; (ES) Biblioteca del Oro Oeste - Molino, Barcelona; (FI) Mustang – Vaasa Oy, Helsinki; (HR) Laso Nova Serija - Vjesnikove Press Agencije, Zagreb; (IT) Super Western – Studiopress (1974) & Selecta (1975), Milan, Suspense – Longanesi, Milan; (NO) Arena – Arena forlag, Oslo, Atrium Western – Atrium, Oslo, Colt-bok & Komet-bok – Folke-forlaget, Oslo, Ponni-bok – Nasjonalforlaget, Oslo, Stjernebok & Western – Bladkompaniet, Oslo; (SE) Bravo & Pingvin - Pingvinförlaget, Gothenburg (1950-1968) & Bromma (1969-1975), McAllister - B. Wahlströms förlag, Stockholm, Prärie - Wennerbergs förlag, Stockholm (1956-1974) & Malmö (1975-1984); (US) Ballantine – Ballantine Books, New York, Beagle – Beagle Books, New York.

List of novels and editions

Letter-codes used: (Eb) e-book, (Hb) hardback, (Mg) Magazine, (Pb) paperback, (Rh) romanheft, (AU) Australia, (DE) Germany, (DK) Denmark, (EN) England, (ES) Spain, (FI) Finland, (HR) Croatia, (IT) Italy, (NO) Norway, (SE) Sweden, and (US) USA. ASIN numbers are used for Kindle e-books without ISBN number.

[Stand-alone novels]

A bullet for Brody Matt Chisholm (Brody, Leon Ramirez): (EN) 1968 Pb Panther 2635; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6280; 2013 Eb PFD B00CMR7XTK; (NO) 1982 Pb En kule for en gringo Stjernebok 914 (M. Chisholm 101).

A posse of violent men Matt Chisholm (Tad, Hughie Krantz): (EN) 1960 Pb Panther 1002; (DE) 1965 Pb Reite nordwärts, Cowboy Pabel Western 175; ? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Reite nordwärts, Cowboy Rekord Western ?; (NO) 1964 Pb Kamp for livet Ponni-bok 552; 1983 Pb Ri for livet! Stjernebok 1010 (M. Chisholm 114); (SE) 1967 Pb Nackskottet Pingvin 450.

A Texan death Matt Chisholm (McMichael, Jake): (NO) 1983 Pb En texaners død Stjernebok 1042 (M. Chisholm 119).

Advance to death Matt Chisholm (Harris, Seth Younger): (EN) 1961 Pb Panther 1256; (NO) 1962 Pb Nærkamp med døden Ponni-bok 461; 1978 Pb Dødens kavaleri Stjernebok 702 (M. Chisholm 73).

Apache kill Matt Chisholm (Arne Burnett, Pepe): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2337; 1993 Pb Linford Western Library 7306; 2013 Eb PFD B00CMR7PN4; (NO) 1976 Pb Apache terror! Stjernebok 636 (M. Chisholm 57).

Attack! Matt Chisholm (Joe Hartley, Forbes McGowan): (NO) 1983 Pb Siste daggry Stjernebok 999 (M. Chisholm 113).

Bitter range Matt Chisholm (Cole Harper, Henry Sturminger): (EN) 1962 Pb Panther 1331; (NO) 1984 Pb Bitter seier Stjernebok 1080 (M. Chisholm 125).

Blood creek Cy James (Ben Holt, Magrin): (EN) 1965 Pb Panther 1891; (DE) 1967 Rh Faustrecht am Blood Creek Pabel Wildwest 543; 1974 Rh [as by Gordon Forbes Uvalde] Die Spur der Broncos Rodeo Western 832; ? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Der Mustangjäger, Rekord Western ?; (NO) 1977 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Forsvinn eller dø! Stjernebok 667 (M. Chisholm 66); (SE) 1966 Pb Vilda mustanger Pingvin 421.

Blood on the land Matt Chisholm (Si Roberts, Craig Rutter): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 896; (NO) 1960 Pb Blodig jord Ponni-bok 341; (SE) 1963 Pb Blodigt land Pingvin 348.

Brasada Luke Jones (Hopeshaw): (EN) 1962 Pb Consul 1158; (NO) 1976 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Den ensomme rytter Stjernebok 630 (M. Chisholm 55).

Cash McCord Matt Chisholm (Cash McCord, George Tancy): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2078; 1990 Pb Linford Western Library 6936; (DE) 1975 Rh Cash McCord Star Western 188; (NO) 1969 Pb Hvis du lever så lenge Komet-bok 109; 1978 Pb Kjemp for livet! Stjernebok 733 (M. Chisholm 79); (SE) 1966 Pb Guldet kan vänta Pingvin 432.

Death rides fast Cy James (Arne Bushby, Sam Crawford): (EN) 1964 Pb Panther 1661; (NO) 1965 Pb Døden rir raskt ?; 1978 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Den ville jakten Stjernebok 729 (M. Chisholm 78); (SE) 1966 Pb Döden rider snabbt Bravo 50.

Fury at Tombstone Matt Chisholm (Luke Ringman, Pete Brocius): (EN) 1960 Pb Panther 1043; (NO) 1966 Pb Den ensomme kjempe Komet-bok 92; 1978 Pb Dommedag i Tombstone Stjernebok 740 (M. Chisholm 81); (SE) 1963 Pb Västerns vargar Pingvin 338.

Gun hand Cy James (Frank Anders, Mangan Weston): (EN) 1965 Pb Panther 1939; (NO) 1973 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Morder-klanen Stjernebok 533 (McAllister 24); (SE) 1966 Pb Mord i mörker Bravo 56.

Gun lust Matt Chisholm (Arch Kelso, Doc Dooley): (EN) 1968 Pb Panther 2571; 1987 Pb Linford Western Library 6349; 2013 Eb PFD B00EDJNJ4S; (DK) 1973 Pb Dødstransporten Ny pocket bog 309; (NO) 1981 Pb Vogntog med gull Stjernebok 900 (M. Chisholm 99); (SE) 1969 Pb Guldkaravanen Prärie 108.

Gun marshal Matt Chisholm (Frank Debron, Josh Bright): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2229; 2014 Eb PFD B00ICKK712; (NO) 1970 Pb Beinhard marshall Komet-bok 116; 1981 Pb Helvetesbyen Stjernebok 862 (M. Chisholm 95) [Frank Debron renamed Remington McAllister]; (SE) 1967 Pb Den vilda staden Pingvin 445.

Gun-rage Cy James (Chad Dysack, Tom Laidlaw): (EN) 1965 Pb Panther 1826; (NO) 1969 Pb Revolverduell Atrium 5; (SE) 1966 Pb Alltför många döda Bravo 43.

Half-breed Matt Chisholm (Saul Cameron, Lucy McLeod): (EN) 1958 Pb Panther 772; (NO) 1961 Pb Halvblods Arena 352; (SE) 1963 Pb Bödeln får återbud Pingvin 349.

Hangrope for a gunman Matt Chisholm (Doc Holliday, Dolly MacGee): (EN) 1960 Pb Panther 1065; (NO) 1961 Pb Visk av det fliret! Ponni-bok 407; 1982 Pb Drep Doc Holliday! Stjernebok 959 (M. Chisholm 107); (SE) 1963 Pb En desperados död Bravo 3.

Hangrope posse Cy James (Charles Atwood, Emil Carlson): (EN) 1965 Pb Panther 1774; (NO) 1973 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Du skal dø, sheriff! Stjernebok 531 (McAllister 23) [Charles Atwood renamed Remington McAllister]; (SE) 1966 Pb Jakt undan snaran Pingvin 416.

Hellion Cy James (Tarl, Dooley Reardon): (EN) 1964 Pb Panther 1745; 1970 Pb Mayflower 11662; 1975 Hb Gold Lion 213; (NO) 1965 Pb Hestetemmeren Ponni-bok 594; 1982 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Øye for øye Stjernebok 992 (M. Chisholm 112); (SE) 1965 Pb Hämnd till varje pris Pingvin 391.

High Peak Matt Chisholm (High Peak, Megan Bright): (EN) 1958 Pb Panther 841; (NO) 1961 Pb Den ensommes lov Arena 364; (SE) 1964 Pb För stora för stövlarna Pingvin 361.

Hunted Matt Chisholm (Tom Willmore, Morgan Reese): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2125; 1990 Pb Linford Western Library 6798; (DE) ? Hb [as by Ben Tucker] Gejagt Rekord Western ?; (NO) 1968 Pb Blodspor i sanden Colt-bok 15; (SE) 1966 Pb Jagad Bravo 54.

Hurricane Smith Matt Chisholm (Robert Bell Smith, Mark Faris): (NO) 1982 Pb Revolvermann Stjernebok 984 (M. Chisholm 111).

I'll be in Denver in the morning Matt Chisholm (Trafford, Martin Saeger): (NO) 1983 Pb Blodig snø Stjernebok 1013 (M. Chisholm 115).

I'll take what trail I damn well please Matt Chisholm (Johs Keenan, Walt Legion): (NO) 1983 Pb Dødens land Stjernebok 1029 (M. Chisholm 117).

Indian scout Matt Chisholm (Si McFee, Two Bulls): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2325; (DK) 1972 Pb Høvdingen En Texas bog 321; (NO) 1975 Pb Indianerspeideren Stjernebok 576 (M. Chisholm 39); (SE) 1970 Pb Siouxerna Prärie 113.

Joe Blade Matt Chisholm (Joe Blade, Drag Kramer): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 917; (NO) 1976 Pb Morder-jakt Stjernebok 626 (M. Chisholm 54); (SE) 1964 Pb Dödad av kvinna Bravo 25.

McKulla Matt Chisholm (McKulla, Paul): (NO) 1984 Pb McKulla's krig Stjernebok 1072 (M. Chisholm 124).

Never give ground Matt Chisholm (Luke Thomas, Nathe Sidlock): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 940; 1969 Pb Panther 2710; (NO) 1961 Pb Nå er du ferdig! Arena 376; 1977 Pb Vik ikke en tomme! Stjernebok 690 (M. Chisholm 71); (SE) 1963 Pb Mexikansk blodshämnd Pingvin 347.

Prayer for a gunman Matt Chisholm (Will Arnhammer, Dance): (EN) 1960 Pb Panther 1108; (NO) 1982 Pb Klyng ham opp! Stjernebok 948 (M. Chisholm 105); (SE) 1963 Pb Jagad av fasor Bravo 6.

Pursuit in the sun Matt Chisholm (Harry Forty, Corresco): (EN) 1960 Pb Panther 1119; (NO) 1976 Pb Rød manns land Stjernebok 617 (M. Chisholm 51).

Range war Matt Chisholm (Pep Peppiott, Stacey Mulford): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2276; (NO) 1978 Pb Blodhevn Stjernebok 709 (M. Chisholm 74); (SE) 1967 Pb Våld går igen Pingvin 453.

Ride the far country Cy James (Mayhew, Hub Mannin): (EN) 1964 Pb Panther 1716; 1971 Pb Mayflower 11680; 1974 Hb Gold Lion 11680; (NO) 1975 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Blod og gull Stjernebok 588 (M. Chisholm 43).

Riders at the ford Matt Chisholm (Josh Shoemaker, Henry Lovenight): (EN) 1958 Pb Panther 834; (DE) 1960 Rh Entscheidung an der Furt Moewig Wildwest 177; (SE) 1963 Pb En cowboy ser rött Pingvin 340.

Savage horseman Cy James (Pete Jansen, Rose Magiver): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 1984; (DE) 1975 Rh Der Gehetzte Star Western 195; (NO) 1979 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Vilt land Stjernebok 753 (M. Chisholm 83); (SE) 1967 Pb Ensam varg Pingvin 438.

Southwest of Defiance Matt Chisholm (Sam Cargill, Hubbard): (NO) 1983 Pb Leiemorder Stjernebok 1049 (M. Chisholm 120).

Spur to death Matt Chisholm (Anse Sterling, Naughton): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2093; 1990 Pb Linford Western Library 6861; (NO) 1967 Pb Tatt i bakhold Komet-bok 96; 1978 Pb Dommedag i Lancelot Stjernebok 722 (M. Chisholm 76); (SE) 1966 Pb Repet väntar Pingvin 434.

Sutter's strike Matt Chisholm (Joe Thorn, Mack): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 873; (SE) 1963 Pb Guld föder mördare Pingvin 345.

That damned O'Shea Matt Chisholm (James O'Shea, Gabrielle McKenna): (NO) 1983 Pb Oppgjør i Dodge City Stjernebok 1067 (M. Chisholm 123).

The battle of Red Rock Cy James (Mart Alvarez, Bob Sorenson): (EN) 1964 Pb Panther 1694; (NO) 1965 Pb Kampen om ranchen; (SE) 1964 Pb För ung att hämnas Bravo 27.

The Brasada guns Cy James (Emmett Casey, Ralph Harrup): (EN) 1961 Pb Panther 1169; (NO) 1984 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Drep dem alle! Stjernebok 1086 (M. Chisholm 126); (SE) 1963 Pb Blodfejd i Texas Bravo 4.

The proud horseman Matt Chisholm (Si Deverey, McDaid): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower Dell 6161.

The running gun Cy James (Charlie Renault, Lance Collin): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2038; (NO) 1982 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Kujonen Stjernebok 931 (M. Chisholm 103); (SE) 1967 Pb Mord i Mexiko Pingvin 437.

The saga of Trench Godden Matt Chisholm (Trench Godden, Maebelle): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 907; (SE) 1964 Pb Möte med våldet Pingvin 358.

The trail of fear Matt Chisholm (Jack Owen, Turvis): (EN) 1968 Pb Panther 2433; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6197; (DK) 1973 Pb Frygtens spor Ny pocket bog 303; (SE) 1969 Pb Fruktans spår Prärie 104.

The trail to Santa Fe Matt Chisholm (Ben Kirk, Maria Espada): (NO) 1982 Pb Døden i Santa Fe Stjernebok 974 (M. Chisholm 109).

Three canyons to death Luke Jones (George Little, Old Man Prescott): (EN) 1961 Pb Consul 1066; (NO) 1975 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Hevnens time Stjernebok 603 (M. Chisholm 47).

Three for vengeance Matt Chisholm (Arch, Maria): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower Dell 8843; 1967 Pb Mayflower Dell 8843; (NO) 1973 Pb Verre enn døden Stjernebok 526 (McAllister 21) [Arch renamed Remington McAllister].

Wild mustanger Matt Chisholm (Sam Guthrie, Gregson): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 970; (AU) 1960 Mg Wild mustanger Western Monthly 151; (DE) 1964 Rh Wilde Männer, wilde Pferde Colorado Western-Story 270; 1966 Rh Wilde Männer, wilde Pferde Pabel Wildwest 491; (NO) 1960 Pb Sannheten om Sam Guthrie Arena 347; 1976 Pb Den røde hingsten Stjernebok 647 (M. Chisholm 60); (SE) 1963 Pb Den vilda dalen Bravo 12.

[Title unknown] Cy James (?): (DE) 1967 Rh Heisses Blei aus harten Fäusten Pabel Wildwest 557; ? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Der Wüstenrancher Rekord Western ?; (ES) 1966 Pb Cazadores de caballos Biblioteca Oro Oeste 34.


[Joe Blade series]

The Arizona climax Matt Chisholm (Carlton Game): (EN) 1980 Pb Hamlyn 20112; 1982 Hb Hale 8974; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 7) B07L6LDDMX; (NO) 1980 Pb Skyt ham ned! Stjernebok 799 (M. Chisholm 88).

The Arizona steal Matt Chisholm (Axel Lomrod): (NO) 1978 Pb Villkatten Stjernebok 725 (M. Chisholm 77).

The Cheyenne trap Matt Chisholm (Cy Hartman): (EN) 1980 Pb Hamlyn 20139; 1984 Hb Hale 9576; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 10) B07RZTV8Q2; (NO) 1980 Pb Hevnens rytter Stjernebok 836 (M. Chisholm 92).

The Colorado virgins Matt Chisholm (Harry Lister): (EN) 1979 Pb Hamlyn 31487; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 5) B07GVL7H73; (NO) 1979 Pb Hauk over hauk Stjernebok 778 (M. Chisholm 86).

The Indian incident Matt Chisholm (George McMasters): (EN) 1978 Pb Hamlyn 31483; 1979 Pb Hamlyn 34912; 1981 Hb Hale 8705; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 1) B077PLGWQ2; (NO) 1978 Pb Menneskedyrene Stjernebok 736 (M. Chisholm 80).

The Laredo assignment Matt Chisholm (Ransome S. Howard): (EN) 1979 Pb Hamlyn 31485; 1981 Hb Hale 7091; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 3) B07CGFHN1Q; (NO) 1978 Pb Farlig oppdrag Stjernebok 716 (M. Chisholm 75).

The last act Matt Chisholm (Lafe Olafson): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20355; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 12) B07Y7J6RJF; (NO) 1981 Pb En felle for Joe Blade Stjernebok 853 (M. Chisholm 94).

The Mexican proposition Matt Chisholm (Porfirio Rojas): (EN) 1979 Pb Hamlyn 31488; 1983 Hb Hale 8976; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 6) B07HM5QKTS; (NO) 1979 Pb Djevelens våpen Stjernebok 786 (M. Chisholm 87).

The Montana deadlock Matt Chisholm (Frank O'Hara): (EN) 1980 Pb Hamlyn 20114; 1983 Hb Hale 9575; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 9) B07R681CL3; (NO) 1980 Pb Skatten i Montana Stjernebok 825 (M. Chisholm 91).

The Navaho trail Matt Chisholm (Warren Haffner): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20354; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 11) B07T7GCD9R; (NO) 1980 Pb Morder-banden Stjernebok 843 (M. Chisholm 93).

The Nevada mustang Matt Chisholm (Chavez): (EN) 1979 Pb Hamlyn 20113; 1983 Hb Hale 8977; 2019 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 8) B07MYKY5DX; (NO) 1980 Pb Villhingsten Stjernebok 814 (M. Chisholm 90) [Joe Blade renamed Remington McAllister].

The Pecos manhunt Matt Chisholm (Susanna Wharton): (EN) 1979 Pb Hamlyn 31486; 1982 Hb Hale 8704; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 4) B07DP52TSX; (NO) 1979 Pb Vest for Pecos Stjernebok 770 (M. Chisholm 85).

The Tucson conspiracy Matt Chisholm (Lionel Binns): (EN) 1978 Pb Hamlyn 31484; 1979 Pb Hamlyn 34913; 1981 Hb Hale 8702; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (Blade 2) B0795SW33V; (NO) 1979 Pb Dø for loven Stjernebok 762 (M. Chisholm 84).


[Ben Hodge series]

Hang a man high Matt Chisholm (Shafe Stromer): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 929; (AU) 1961 Mg Hang a man high Western Monthly 157; (DE) 1966 Pb Gebet für einen Gejagten Pabel Western 263; ? Hb Gebet für einen Gejagten Balowa ?; (DK) 1963 Pb Hæng den mand En Texas bog 139; (NO) 1961 Pb Jaget av alle Arena 358; 1978 Pb I galgens skygge Stjernebok 693 (M. Chisholm 72); (SE) 1963 Pb Häng honom högt Bravo 1.

Hodge Matt Chisholm (Cass Greentree): (EN) 1958 Pb Panther 777; (DE) 1972 Pb Hodge Kelter Western 577; (SE) 1963 Pb Med snaran om halsen Pingvin 336.

The law of Ben Hodge Matt Chisholm (Lou Craddock): (EN) 1959 Pb Panther 938; 1969 Pb Panther 2709; (DE) 1965 Pb Hartes Recht Pabel Western 181; ? Hb Hartes Recht Balowa 451; (NO) 1973 Pb Alle mot en Stjernebok 508 (McAllister 14) [Ben Hodge renamed Remington McAllister]; (SE) 1963 Pb Ben Hodges lag Bravo 14.


[Remington McAllister series]

A rage of guns Matt Chisholm (Manning Shafter): (EN) 1961 Pb Panther 1156; 1969 Pb Rage of McAllister Panther 2850; 1975 Pb Rage of McAllister Mayflower 12672; 1986 Pb Rage of McAllister Linford Western Library 6214; (DE) 1972 Pb Dollars, Diebe, Desperados McAllister 7; (NO) 1961 Pb Snerrende bly Ponni-bok 402; 1973 Pb Arizona terror Stjernebok 506 (McAllister 13); (SE) 1962 Pb Våldets stad Pingvin 321; (US) 1971 Pb Rage of McAllister Beagle 94023.

Battle of McAllister Matt Chisholm (Howe): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 11959; (DE) 1973 Pb Eine Stadt wie Gift McAllister 22; (DK) 1972 Pb McAllisters hævn McAllister 13; (NO) 1974 Pb Blindebukk med døden Stjernebok 536 (McAllister 25).

Betrayal at Redondo Matt Chisholm (?): (NO) 1975 Pb Betal med blod Stjernebok 562 (McAllister 35).

Blood on McAllister Matt Chisholm (Billy Gage): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2918; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 269; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 302; (DE) 1971 Pb Duell in Clanton McAllister 3; (NO) 1972 Pb Styrkeprøven Stjernebok 488 (McAllister 6); (US) 1970 Pb Blood on McAllister Beagle 94187; 1973 Pb Blood on McAllister Ballantine 3146.

Brand McAllister Matt Chisholm (Prescott): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 11956; (DE) 1973 Pb Das Brandmal des Teufels McAllister 23; (DK) 1972 Pb McAllister kommer til hjælp McAllister 14; (IT) 1975 Pb Il marchio di Mc Allister Super Western 9; (NO) 1974 Pb Død eller levende Stjernebok 548 (McAllister 30).

Chad McAllister Matt Chisholm (Chad McAllister): (NO) 1976 Pb McAllister's blod Stjernebok 623 (M. Chisholm 53).

Danger for McAllister Matt Chisholm (Big Man Salt): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 2977; (DE) 1972 Pb Mit einem Bein im Grab McAllister 9; (FI) 1973 Pb Yön sudet Mustang 63; (NO) 1972 Pb Ingen nåde Stjernebok 493 (McAllister 8); (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - nattens vargar McAllister 6.

Death at noon Matt Chisholm (Krantz): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower Dell 4813; 1975 Pb Mayflower 12673; 2013 Eb PFD B00FEGTWCW; (IT) 1975 Pb Mc Allister e i padroni della città Super Western 6; (NO) 1966 Pb Den ensomme ulv Stjernebok 293; 1984 Pb Den ensomme ulv Stjernebok 1103 (M. Chisholm 128).

Death at Rincon Matt Chisholm (Rincon city): (NO) 1974 Pb Til helvete med McAllister! Stjernebok 551 (McAllister 31).

Death moon Matt Chisholm (Presbury city): (NO) 1976 Pb Villmann McAllister Stjernebok 609 (M. Chisholm 49).

Death trail Matt Chisholm (Joe Church): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2349; 1992 Pb Linford Western Library 7165; (DE) 1972 Pb Tod in Montana McAllister 11; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister i dødens dal McAllister 11; (NO) 1973 Pb Galgens lov Stjernebok 513 (McAllister 16); (SE) 1970 Pb Dödens spår Prärie 111.

Desperate ride Matt Chisholm (Dan Melcher): (NO) 1976 Pb Død over McAllister! Stjernebok 633 (M. Chisholm 56).

Die-hard Matt Chisholm (Brennan): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20517; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6134; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 6) B0781VTSP5; (NO) 1982 Pb En morder rir inn Stjernebok 925 (M. Chisholm 102).

Fire-brand Matt Chisholm (Josiah Ramage): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20519; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6187; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 7) B07D781V37; (NO) 1982 Pb Gull-gribbene Stjernebok 955 (M. Chisholm 106).

Forward, McAllister Matt Chisholm (Presbury city): (NO) 1974 Pb Seks skudd fra døden Stjernebok 556 (McAllister 33).

Gunsmoke for McAllister Matt Chisholm (Nate Rawley): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2882; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 332; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 391; (DE) 1972 Pb Die Schlucht des Grauens McAllister 17; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister i krudtrøg McAllister 4; (FI) 1973 Pb Veristä kultaa Mustang 61; (IT) 1974 Pb Mc Allister e la miniera maledetta Super Western 6; (NO) 1972 Pb Gull dreper! Stjernebok 491 (McAllister 7); (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - blodigt guld McAllister 5; (US) 1973 Pb Gunsmoke for McAllister Ballantine 3144.

Hang McAllister Matt Chisholm (Waddington): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 3326; (DE) 1972 Pb Der wahnsinnige General McAllister 20; (DK) 1972 Pb Hæng McAllister McAllister 16; (HR) 1975 Pb Pobjeda McAllisterovih Laso 104; (NO) 1972 Pb McAllister's krig Stjernebok 501 (McAllister 11); (SE) 1972 Pb McAllister - utanför lagen McAllister 10; (US) 1970 Pb Hang McAllister Beagle 94005; 1973 Pb Hang McAllister Ballantine 3182.

Hell on a high mountain Matt Chisholm (Chad McAllister, Stoke Fitzmichael): (NO) 1977 Pb McAllister's squaw Stjernebok 653 (M. Chisholm 62).

Kill McAllister Matt Chisholm (Forster): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2758; 1977 Pb Mayflower 12683; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 714; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 745; (DE) 1972 Pb Der schwarze Herden Boss McAllister 19; (DK) 1971 Pb Dræb McAllister McAllister 9; (NO) 1972 Pb Drep McAllister! Stjernebok 476 (McAllister 2); (US) 1972 Pb Kill McAllister Beagle 94211.

Kiowa Matt Chisholm (Beauty Russel): (EN) 1967 Pb Panther 2245; 1976 Pb Mayflower 12676; (DE) 1972 Pb Von allen Hunden gehetzt McAllister 10; (NO) 1973 Pb Kiowa! Stjernebok 516 McAllister 17; (SE) 1967 Pb Röd katastrof Bravo 66.

Mad-dog McAllister Matt Chisholm (Harold R. Ransome): (NO) 1975 Pb Heng McAllister! Stjernebok 596 (M. Chisholm) 45.

McAllister Matt Chisholm (Gato): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower 5121; 1969 Pb Panther 2581; 1976 Pb Mayflower 12679; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 338; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 397; (DE) 1972 Pb Das Gold der Armee McAllister 8; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister McAllister 1; (FI) 1974 Pb Väijytys vuorilla Mustang 65; (IT) 1974 Pb McAllister Super Western 3; (NO) 1966 Pb Mann av stål Stjernebok 291; 1984 Pb Mann av stål Stjernebok 1093 (M. Chisholm 127); (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - bakhåll bland bergen McAllister 7; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister Beagle 94072; 1973 Pb McAllister Ballantine 3199.

McAllister and Cheyenne death Matt Chisholm (Brevington): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20372; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6138; 2017 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 4) B073ZLRN4B; (NO) 1981 Pb Rød vinter Stjernebok 908 (M. Chisholm 100).

McAllister and the Spanish gold Matt Chisholm (Charlie Arbiter): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20371; 1984 Hb Hale 9990; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6090; 2017 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 2) B01MQQZS5E; (NO) 1981 Pb Djevelens gull Stjernebok 888 (M. Chisholm 98);

McAllister fights Matt Chisholm (General Anderson): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2829; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 715; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 746; (DE) 1972 Pb Rot von Blut war die Prärie McAllister 14; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister i kamp McAllister 10; (NO) 1972 Pb Til siste mann Stjernebok 485 (McAllister 5); (US) 1971 Pb McAllister fights Beagle 94175.

McAllister gambles Matt Chisholm (Joe Lessing aka Joe Prescott): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 3305; (DE) 1972 Pb Der Clan der Pferdediebe McAllister 16; (FI) 1974 Pb Hirsipuun varjossa Mustang 67; (HR) 1975 Pb McAllister u opasnosti Laso 129; (NO) 1972 Pb I løvens gap Stjernebok 496 (McAllister 9); (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - i galgens skugga McAllister 9; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister gambles Beagle 94047; 1973 Pb McAllister gambles Ballantine 3185.

McAllister makes war Matt Chisholm (Will Drummond): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2781; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6289; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 717; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 748; (DE) 1971 Pb Der Marshal Killer McAllister 5; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister erklærer krig McAllister 7; (FI) 1972 Pb McAllister - koston laki Mustang 59; (NO) 1972 Pb Jeg er loven Stjernebok 479 (McAllister 3); (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - hämndens lag McAllister 4; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister makes war Beagle 94084.

McAllister must die Matt Chisholm (Lisa Marabel): (EN) 1974 Pb Mayflower 12188; (NO) 1974 Pb Dommens dag Stjernebok 541 (McAllister 27).

McAllister never surrenders Matt Chisholm (Si Tallin): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20370; 1985 Hb Hale 9991; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6094; 2017 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 3) B0722NDM2X; (NO) 1981 Pb Rydd ham av veien! Stjernebok 877 (M. Chisholm 97).

McAllister on the Comanche Crossing Matt Chisholm (Dice Roberts): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20369; 1984 Hb Hale 9989; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6086; 2016 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 1) B01LXYSQ64; (NO) 1981 Pb Comanche! Stjernebok 868 (M. Chisholm 96).

McAllister rides Matt Chisholm (Bourn): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2757; 1977 Pb Mayflower 12681; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 718; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 749; (DE) 1971 Pb Die 500 Dollar Lady McAllister 4; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister rider McAllister 8; (NO) 1972 Pb Uten overmann Stjernebok 473 (McAllister 1); (US) 1971 Pb McAllister rides Beagle 94128.

McAllister runs wild Matt Chisholm (Murphy): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 11957; (DK) 1972 Pb McAllister træffer sit valg McAllister 12; (NO) 1973 Pb Mellom dobbelt ild Stjernebok 523 (McAllister 20).

McAllister says no Matt Chisholm (Hanus Cutts): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 2950; (DE) 1972 Pb Die Juwelen-Lady McAllister 15; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister siger nej McAllister 6; (FI) 1971 Pb McAllister kovin kaikista Mustang 53; (NO) 1972 Pb En kvinne for McAllister Stjernebok 482 (McAllister 4); (SE) 1970 Pb McAllister - hårdast av alla McAllister 1; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister says no Beagle 94112.

McAllister trapped Matt Chisholm (Fallow): (EN) 1973 Pb Mayflower 12186; (NO) 1974 Pb En felle for McAllister Stjernebok 538 (McAllister 26).

McAllister's fury Matt Chisholm (Old Man Chaddo): (EN) 1969 Pb Panther 2828; 1987 Pb Linford Western Library 6416; (DE) 1972 Pb Chaddo, der Bastard McAllister 12; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllisters vrede McAllister 5; (FI) 1971 Pb McAllister kuoleman kaupungissa Mustang 55; (NO) 1974 Pb Dødens skygge Stjernebok 546 (McAllister 29); (SE) 1970 Pb McAllister i dödens stad McAllister 2; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister's fury Beagle ?.

My gun is justice Cy James (George Paston): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2054; 1969 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Panther 2881; 1976 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Mayflower 12675; 2011 Eb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Bloomsbury 716; 2011 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Bloomsbury 747; (DE) 1971 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Mit Gesetz und Colt McAllister 2; 1974 Rh [as by Gordon Forbes Uvalde] Der Digger-Marshal Rodeo Western 835;? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Der Banditenjäger Rekord Western ?; (DK) 1971 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister som sherif McAllister 3; (FI) 1975 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Sokeassa vihassa Mustang 72; (NO) 1973 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister's lov Stjernebok 521 (McAllister 19); (SE) 1966 Pb Mördare jagas Pingvin 433; 1971 Pb[as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister - i blint hat McAllister 8; (US) 1971 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Beagle 94144; 1973 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister justice Ballantine 3145.

Quarry Matt Chisholm (Ana Sullivan): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20516; 1985 Pb Linford Western Library 6141; 2017 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 5) B07731VPN7; (NO) 1982 Pb Sønn av satan Stjernebok 936 (M. Chisholm 104).

Rawhide McAllister Matt Chisholm (?): (NO) 1976 Pb Marshal McAllister Stjernebok 640 (M. Chisholm 58).

Shoot McAllister! Matt Chisholm (Eddy Chugg): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 3343; (DE) 1972 Pb Die Goldgräberstadt McAllister 18; (NO) 1972 Pb Marshal i helvete Stjernebok 503 (McAllister 12); (SE) 1972 Pb McAllister - till sista kulan McAllister 12; (US) 1971 Pb Shoot McAllister! Beagle 94060; 1973 Pb Shoot McAllister! Ballantine 3187.

The green goods game Matt Chisholm (Harry Royce): (NO) 1983 Pb Falskmyntnerne Stjernebok 1019 (M. Chisholm 116).

The hangman rides tall Matt Chisholm (Jack Shaw): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower Dell 3427; 1976 Pb Mayflower 12674; (FI) 1972 Pb Kaksintaistelu erämaassa Mustang 57; (IT) 1966 Pb Stai lontana da me Suspense [Longanesi] 58; (NO) 1966 Pb Menneskejeger Stjernebok 298; (SE) 1971 Pb McAllister - duell i öknen McAllister 3; (US) 1971 Pb The hangman rides tall Beagle ?.

The hard men Matt Chisholm (Sickert): (EN) 1963 Pb Mayflower 3433; 1976 Pb Mayflower 12677; (DE) 1973 Pb Der Weidewolf McAllister 24; (DK) 1968 Pb Paradisdalen En Texas bog 244; (NO) 1966 Pb Helvete tur-retur Stjernebok 296; (SE) 1967 Pb Farliga män Prärie 81.

The last gun Matt Chisholm (Dan Gruber): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2153; 1969 Pb McAllister strikes Panther 2827; 1977 Pb McAllister strikes Mayflower 12680; (DE) 1971 Pb Wie ein Bluthund McAllister 1; (DK) 1971 Pb McAllister slår til McAllister 2; (FI) 1976 Pb Takaa-ajaja Mustang 75; (NO) 1967 Pb Gi aldri opp Colt-bok 14; 1974 Pb Gi aldri opp! Stjernebok 559 (McAllister 34); 1983 Pb Gi aldri opp Komet-bok 191; (SE) 1967 Pb Hans sista kula Bravo 59; 1972 Pb McAllister - förföljaren McAllister 13; (US) 1971 Pb McAllister strikes Beagle 94163.

The McAllister legend Matt Chisholm (Taggart): (EN) 1974 Pb Mayflower 12187; (HR) 1976 Pb Legenda o McAllisteru Laso 132; (NO) 1974 Pb Heksen fra San Luis Stjernebok 543 (McAllister 28).

The theft of the black stallion Matt Chisholm (Harold Mitcham): (NO) 1983 Pb Hestetyvene Stjernebok 1054 (M. Chisholm 121).

The violent hills Cy James (Halford Soames): (EN) 1961 Pb Panther 1218; 1969 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Hell for McAllister Panther 2917; 1976 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Hell for McAllister Mayflower 12678; 2011 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Hell for McAllister Bloomsbury 437; (DE) 1971 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Sein Freund das Halbblut McAllister 6; ? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Laß die Eisen fallen Rekord Western ?; (DK) 1972 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister i helvede McAllister 18; (IT) 1975 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Inferno per Mc Allister Super Western 2; (NO) 1963 Pb Terrorbanden Ponni-bok 491; 1973 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Terrorbanden Stjernebok 528 (McAllister 22); (SE) 1964 Pb Döden har ingen lag Pingvin 357; (US) 1970 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Hell for McAllister Beagle 94006.

Tough to kill Matt Chisholm (Markham): (EN) 1968 Pb Panther 2496; 1977 Pb Mayflower 12682; 2011 Eb Bloomsbury 564; 2011 Pb Bloomsbury 595; (DE) 1972 Pb Ein Kerl wie Dynamit McAllister 13; (DK) 1972 Pb Få ram på McAllister McAllister 17; (NO) 1973 Pb Omkapp med døden Stjernebok 518 (McAllister 18).

Trail of McAllister Matt Chisholm (Charlie Roberts): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 3361; (DE) 1973 Pb Ein Halleluja für 6 Killer McAllister 21; (DK) 1972 Pb McAllister på flugt McAllister 15; (NO) 1972 Pb Hevnerne Stjernebok 498 (McAllister 10); (SE) 1972 Pb McAllister - de fem hämnarna McAllister 11; (US) 1971 Pb Trail of McAllister Beagle 94048; 1973 Pb Trail of McAllister Ballantine 3186.

Two for the branding Matt Chisholm (?): (NO) 1977 Pb McAllister for Texas! Stjernebok 680 (M. Chisholm 69).

Vengeance of McAllister Matt Chisholm (Ruiz): (EN) 1973 Pb Mayflower 12189; (HR) 1976 Pb McAllisterova osveta Laso 157; (IT) 1975 Pb La vendetta di Mc Allister Super Western 5; (NO) 1973 Pb McAllister's hevn Stjernebok 511 (McAllister 15).

Wolf-bait Matt Chisholm (Caleb Hughes): (EN) 1981 Pb Hamlyn 20518; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6222; 2018 Eb Piccadilly (McAllister 8) B07HCKMGG2; (NO) 1982 Pb Hevn over McAllister! Stjernebok 969 (M. Chisholm 108).


[Sam Spur series]

Blood at sunset Cy James (Gaylor): (EN) 1971 Pb Mayflower 11918; 2016 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 7) B019N3UYEQ; (NO) 1977 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Dødsfellen Stjernebok 663 (M. Chisholm 65).

Gun Cy James (Wayne Gaylor): (EN) 1971 Pb Mayflower 11941; 2016 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 8) B01F05622E; (NO) 1977 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Drep Sam Spur! Stjernebok 675 (M. Chisholm 68).

Longhorn Cy James (Carder): (EN) 1970 Pb Mayflower 11663; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6195; 2015 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 4) B00WCXAABC; (NO) 1973 Mg [as by Matt Chisholm] Den lovløse Western 16-18; 1976 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] Den lovløse Stjernebok 644 (M. Chisholm 59).

Man in the saddle Cy James (Jane Crowley): (EN) 1966 Pb Panther 2020; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 2) B00NR7IFBY; (DE) 1969 Pb Hölle der Verdammten Bastei Western 62; 1974 Rh [as by Gordon Forbes Uvalde] Sie nannten ihn Montana Rodeo Western 822; (NO) 1975 Pb [as by Matt Chisholm] McAllister's skalp Stjernebok 569 (M. Chisholm 37) [Sam Spur renamed Remington McAllister]; (SE) 1966 Pb Barnarovet Bravo 55.

Spur Matt Chisholm (Gomez): (EN) 1968 Pb Panther 2600; 2015 Eb [as by Cy James] Piccadilly (Spur 3) B00SYJDEHK; (DK) 1975 Pb Hans navn var Spur Ny pocket bog 327; (NO) 1977 Pb Sam Spur's lov Stjernebok 671 (M. Chisholm 67); (SE) 1969 Pb Hans namn var Spur Prärie 110.

The brave ride tall Cy James (Will Furbee): (EN) 1971 Pb Mayflower 11913; 2016 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 9) B01INJB7LU; (NO) 1977 Pb Helvete er løs! Stjernebok 660 (M. Chisholm 64).

The Cimarron Kid Cy James (Michael Carmody): (EN) 1969 Pb Mayflower 11756; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6212; 2015 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 5) B00YOUWHL2; (NO) 1973 Mg Cimarron Kid Western 42-44; 1977 Pb Sam Spur og Cimarron Kid Stjernebok 650 (M. Chisholm 61).

The gun is my brother Cy James (Smelling): (EN) 1961 Pb Panther 1184; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 1) B00M9AGJCW; (DE) ? Hb [as by Les Hondo] Der Geächtete aus Texas Rekord Western ?; (NO) 1963 Pb Ta meg, den som kan! Ponni-bok 474; 1977 Pb Jaget vilt Stjernebok 684 (M. Chisholm 70); (SE) 1963 Pb Revolvern är min bror Bravo 10.

Trail west Cy James (Ranee Straffer): (EN) 1970 Pb Mayflower 11740; 1986 Pb Linford Western Library 6207; 2015 Eb Piccadilly (Spur 6) B0166S3F9C; (NO) 1974 Mg Revolver-lov Western 6-8; 1977 Pb Revolver-lov Stjernebok 657 (M. Chisholm 63).

[Title unknown] Cy James (?): (DE) 1966 Rh Warnung in Blei Pabel Wildwest 514.


[Storm family series]

A breed of men Matt Chisholm (George Storm): (EN) 1973 Pb Mayflower 12248; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 7) B00LEESV98; (DE) 1974 Rh Im Höllencamp der Desperados Star Western 132; (NO) 1975 Pb Storm's lov Stjernebok 599 (M. Chisholm 46); (SE) 1977 Pb Det grymma landet Mustang 204.

Battle fury Matt Chisholm (Kate Storm): (EN) 1973 Pb Mayflower 11958; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 8) B00N42SG20; (DE) 1974 Rh Goldrausch in Three Creek Star Western 144; (NO) 1976 Pb Gullfeber Stjernebok 613 (M. Chisholm 50).

Blood on the hills Matt Chisholm (Jody Storm): (EN) 1973 Pb Mayflower 11960; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 9) B00O7LIGM2; (DE) 1974 Rh Ein Stern an Jodys Weste Star Western 140; (NO) 1976 Pb En stjerne for Storm Stjernebok 606 (M. Chisholm 48); (SE) 1977 Pb Duellen Mustang 202.

Hard Texas trail Matt Chisholm (Clay Storm): (EN) 1971 Pb Panther 3451; 1975 Pb Ulverscroft 372; 2013 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 2) B00C4CSM2U; (DE) 1974 Rh Ein Teufelsweib für Clay Star Western 116; (NO) 1975 Pb Med døden i hælene Stjernebok 572 (M. Chisholm 38).

One man, one gun Matt Chisholm (Jody Storm): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 12181; 2013 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 5) B00HJQKA26; (DE) 1974 Rh Auftrag für den Heißsporn Jody Star Western 128; (NO) 1975 Pb Ilddåpen Stjernebok 592 (M. Chisholm 44).

One notch to death Matt Chisholm (Mart Storm): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 12063; 2013 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 4) B00FJ4TEF4; (DE) 1974 Rh Ein Galgen für Mart Storm Star Western 124; (NO) 1975 Pb Kryssild Stjernebok 585 (M. Chisholm 42); (SE) 1977 Pb Jagad av alla Mustang 206.

Riders west Matt Chisholm (Will Storm): (EN) 1971 Pb Mayflower 11971; 2013 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 3) B00DP03LIA; (DE) 1974 Rh Kampf in Colorado Star Western 120; (NO) 1975 Pb Storm over Colorado Stjernebok 579 (M. Chisholm 40).

Stampede Matt Chisholm (Will Storm): (EN) 1970 Pb Panther 3362; 1987 Pb Linford Western Library 7089; 2012 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 1) B00AFGAS1U; (DE) 1974 Rh Stampede durch die Hölle Star Western 113; (NO) 1975 Pb Storm fra Texas Stjernebok 566 (M. Chisholm 36).

Thunder in the west Matt Chisholm (Mart Storm): (EN) 1972 Pb Mayflower 11955; 2014 Eb Piccadilly (Storm 6) B00JCR5TQ2; (DE) 1974 Rh Die Outlaw-Ranch Star Western 136; (NO) 1976 Pb Storm's hevn Stjernebok 620 (M. Chisholm 52).


Geography of editions

Besides the 237 British editions, Norway stands out with their 151 editions, followed by Sweden with 60 and Germany with 58. Noteworthy are also the 24 Danish and 25 USA editions, whereas the remaining five countries all had ten or less. As noted in the introduction, Norway is unique in having 22 Matt Chisholm titles, only published in this country. Consequently, 129 of the 135 Watts’s western novels have been published in Norwegian translation, compared to only 113 in English. Of other languages, 57 novels exist in Swedish, 48 in German and 23 in Danish translations, whereas no other language has more than ten titles translated. It should here be noted that the Swedish McAllister series of books included 38 titles, of which only the first 13 ones were by Watts as Matt Chisholm. The remaining titles were either old novels by Australian authors with the name of the lead character changed to McAllister or new novels by Swedish authors.

Looking at the individual titles, the stand-alone novel The proud horseman from 1963 is the only one that never got translated into any other language. Many of the stand-alone novels were translated into Norwegian and Swedish, some also into German, and occasional ones also into some other language. The Blade series titles were translated into Norwegian on the spot, but not into any other language. The Storm family titles were translated into German and Norwegian, and three of them also into Swedish. A pattern more or less shared with the three Ben Hodge titles. All Spur titles appeared also in Norwegian, and minor selections of them also in Danish, German, and Swedish. Whereas the later McAllister titles, from after 1972, were translated almost exclusively into Norwegian, the majority of the earlier ones had a wide dissemination. Titles like McAllister and Gunsmoke for McAllister were published in eight different countries and translated into seven different languages.

Series and subseries

Of all Watts’s western novels, only Hamlyn’s Blade and McAllister titles formed separately numbered series at the time of their first publication. Of the translated editions, only the Danish, German, and Swedish McAllister series are of this kind. In the absence of a separate enumeration, there are several examples of subseries among the studied editions. Uniformity of cover design characterizes both the Panther and Mayflower McAllister subseries, as well as the Panther/Mayflower Storm family subseries. On the other hand, the Piccadilly Spur e-book series is a later construct, not evident from the seemingly stand-alone paperback editions.

In Norway, Bladkompaniet’s Stjernebok editions of Watts’s novels form a special case. Stjerneserien was started already in 1939 and had reached 2560 numbered titles when ended in year 2000. Books including western stories were frequently marked with the “Stjernewestern” logo. The McAllister subseries started in 1972 with book no. 473. After 35 titles the name of the subseries was changed to M. Chisholm. It ended after 128 titles in 1984 with Stjernebok no. 1103. Within the subseries books were also marked as belonging to an additional sublevel, like Joe Blade or Sam Spur.

Ambiguous titles

Book series named after the hero may have a problem with the correct citation of titles (Nilsson 2014), and McAllister is no exception. The problem is based on the question of when the series’ logo, i.e. the name of the hero, is part of the title and when not. Looking at the different British McAllister editions illustrates the problem well. The name McAllister as cover logo on the 1969-1970 Panther editions is evidently part of each book’s title. On the other hand, on the Mayflower 1975-1977 editions all titles are printed on the cover separate from the subseries’ name, and the name of the hero is part of only some of the titles. The Hamlyn 1981 titles are, however, ambiguous, as the logo is evidently part of the titles of the four first ones, but seemingly not so of the four last ones. As libraries as a rule register titles from a book’s title page, problems of this kind are hard to settle without access to entire books.

Cover art

Looking at cover art on the 72 British Panther editions of Watts’s novels, a clear pattern emerges. Whereas the first title, Half-breed, has a locally produced cover by Pat Owen, it is followed by a long series of second-hand cover paintings imported from USA. In 1964, the US covers are almost totally replaced with paintings of Spanish artists like Noiquet and Longaron, most of them previously used on the Spanish paperback series Best Sellers del Oeste, published by Toray. The Spanish paintings are in their turn 1969 replaced with locally produced covers by Gino D’Achille, marketing the popular McAllister as a distinct subseries of Panther Books. Finally, the two Storm subseries Panther editions have locally produced cover paintings by Gino D’Achille and Carol Binch, respectively.

Original paintings can besides on many of the British editions be seen chiefly on the Croatian and Italian editions. The British original paintings by Gino D’Achille on the 1969-1970 Panther McAllister subseries were later used on the US editions and on many of the titles in the Danish McAllister series of books. This was one of the rare cases of US import of western paperbacks, including both texts and cover art (Nilsson 2019).

The paintings by Chris Achilleos used on the 1975-1977 Mayflower McAllister edition were seemingly not used on any foreign editions. David McAllister made the cover art for Hamlyn’s Joe Blade and McAllister series, and Chris Collingwood is the artist behind the cover paintings on the two 2nd edition Blade books. Whereas the earlier Norwegian editions had some locally produced cover art, the Stjerneserien covers represent a mix of paintings of Spanish and US origin plus many by the German artist Günther König. One can also find a few examples of manually copied British cover art on some of the earlier Norwegian books, like the Arena translation of Never give ground. The Swedish translation of Hang a man high is another example of a manually copied cover painting, and this painting by John Leone was first used in 1956 in USA on Pyramid Book #203, Lynch Law by Paul Evan. Also the Swedish translation of Hangrope for a gunman had a manually copied cover painting, and this painting by Victor Prezio was first used in 1959 on Pyramid Books #455 Holster law by Bradford Scott. Photographic cover art was used on the Swedish 1970-1972 McAllister series, as well as on the Finnish subset of titles in the Mustang series.

Short stories

The only western short story by Watts published in English is The return of McAllister in Western Magazine (UK) #2 1980. In Norway, on the other hand, about 40 translated McAllister short stories were published in Bladkompaniet’s magazine Western between 1972 and 1982. Selections of these stories were also published as seven paperbacks in the Stjernebok series: 553, 1974 Desperado, 582, 1975 McAllister’s likemann, 743, 1979 McAllister på krigsstien, 808, 1980 Ridder med revolver, 979 1982 Trøbbel i El Paso, 1035, 1983 Renegados!, and 1062, 1983 Tucson terror.

Thanks to Steve Myall and David Whitehead for comments, information and cover scans. Thanks to Gunnar Olsen for scans of Danish book covers.



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Figure 1. Front cover of three British editions of Peter Watts western novels: (left) Consul #1066 from 1961, (middle) Hale #9991 from 1985, and (right) Linford Western Library #6094 from 1985.

Figure 2. Front cover of the only Spanish and one Italian paperback edition of Peter Watts western novels: (left) Biblioteca del Oro Oeste #34 from 1966, and (right) Suspense (Longanesi) #58 from 1966.

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