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TV Tie-in: Raffles

Raffles by David Fletcher. London, Pan 0-330-25141-4, 1977. Cover photo: Brian Cleasby
The prince of amateur cracksmen in the golden age of Victoria.
__Test hero, daring thief, idol of society and master of disguise, Raffles' ever-ready acceptance of a challenge leads him from one devil-may-care adventure to another.
__Aided by the faithful Bunny Manders, his audacious exploits range from robbery at the British Museum to returning the wedding present of a blonde sharpshooter.
__For the long-suffering Inspector Mackenzie it's one thing after another--an open and shut case that won't stay closed...
Raffles was based on the Yorkshire Television series produced by Jacky Stoller and written by Philip Mackie, itself based upon the character created by E. W. Hornung. In the TV show, Raffles was played by Anthony Valentine, with Christopher Strauli as Bunny.

About the Author
David Fletcher is the pseudonym of a full-time writer who has published several non-fiction titles. He lives in London with his writer wife, music-making stepson and three cats. He is passionately interested in opera. Raffles is David Fletcher's fifth novel and his latest, Only Children, will be published in the summer of 1977.
David Fletcher was the pseudonym of Dulan Friar Whilberton Barber, born in Reading on 11 October 1940. He was educated at Leamington College for Boys and Leeds University (1958-59) and worked as an editor at Calder & Boyars (1963-68), Charles Skilton (1968-72). He was married to writer Patricia Margaret (Paddy) Kitchen on 27 March 1968, becoming stepfather to her son, Dan Bowling. The two were funding founders of the Artists' Licensing and Collecting Society in 1977, which promoted Public Lending Rights and payments to authors. Barber was also a tutor at Morley College (1976-78) and City Literature College (1978-79).

As well as writing novels, Barber wrote television scripts and contributed articles, criticism and reviews to various periodicals.

After living in London for many years, Barber moved to the country in 1986, but died following a heart attack only a couple of years later on 7 October 1988.

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Novels as Owen Brookes
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Concerning Thomas Hardy. A composit portrait from memory, ed. D. F. Barber and based on material researched and collected by J. Stevens Cox. London, Skilton, 1968.

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