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TV Tie-ins: Bracken's World

Bracken's World was an American, NBC-TV series which ran for two seasons, the first (1969-70) of 26 episodes, the second (1970) of 15. The series starred Warren Stevens as John Bracken, the head of Century Studios in Hollywood. The show also starred Eleanor Parker (Sylvia Caldwell), Elizabeth Allen (Laura Deane), Peter Haskell (Kevin Grant), Linda Harrison (Paulette Douglas), Laraine Stephens (Diane Waring), Karen Jensen (Rachel Holt) and Dennis Cole (Davey Evans). Stevens left after the first season and was replaced by Leslie Nielsen (later of the Airplane movies). The show also featured cameos from real-life Hollywood stars like Edward G. Robinson and Debbie Reynolds.

Bracken's World by Doama Winston. Paperback Library 64-237, Nov 1969, 156pp, 75c. Cover: photo
These are the people of Bracken's World...
__Sylvia Caldwell, Bracken's Executive Secretary and the second most important person at Century Studios. Some say she is, or has been, in love with Bracken. But true or not, Century is her whole world.
__Laura Deane, dedicated head of the New Talent School, who often becomes emotionally involved with her students.
__Kevin Grant, a promising young producer/writer whose marriage becomes shaky as his career becomes more successful.
__Paulette Douglas, a warm, honest young actress, pushed by her ambitious, calculating mother to achieve the stardom her mother never had.
__Diane Waring, a Philadelphia socialite, fighting for fame harder than most, despite her wealth--or maybe because of it.
__Rachel Holt, the exciting young sexpot, who'll let nothing stop her from becoming a star.
__Bracken—the ruler of them all, the Hollywood Kingpin who could make or break their careers with a single word!
Bracken's World 2: The High Country by Doama Winston. Paperback Library 64-279, Apr 1970, 157pp, 75c. Cover: photo
Not since Valley of the Dolls has there been a story that lays bare the Hollywood scene like Bracken's World.
__Here's what the critics say about the NBC-TV hit:
__"Bracken's World is another of those TV shows that has 'hit' written all over it."—Paul Jones, Atlanta Constitution
__"Fulfilled its promise to take viewers behind the scenes in Hollywood...valid and interesting."—Cynthia Lowry, Associated Press
__"...juicy opus...The setting for 'Bracken' is the entire 20th Century lot, and ... Hollywood's big studios remain the most romantic American myth since the old west."—Variety.
Bracken's World #3: Sound Stage by Daoma Winston. Paperback Library 64-364, Jun 1970, 160pp, 75c. Cover: photo
Bracken's World takes you backstage at a major Hollywood studio and shows you the stark reality behind its glamour. It's a world both dreamlike and ruthless; a place where jealousy and power vie with dedication and talent for the brass ring—stardom.
__This real-life Hollywood is seen through the eyes of three beautiful starlets. Sometimes these glamorous young women compete for the same roles—and the same men. Yet the ties that bind them together are their careers, controlled by one man, the all-powerful head of the studio—Bracken.
Author Daoma Winston—full name Daoma Winston Strasberg (b. 3 Nov 1922)—was the author of many romances, mostly Gothics with strong occult themes. She also wrote as Dorian Winslow and Dee Winters. She was writing at least as early as 1949 for the cheap end of the paperback market (e.g. In Adams Country (Newsstand 87, 1949), The Woman He Wanted (Beacon B118, 1954), etc.) as well as writing small-press poetry (e.g. Doubtful Mercy, Prairie City, IL, Decker Press, 1950).

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