Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TV Tie-ins: We'll Meet Again

We'll Meet Again was created by David Butler for London Weekend Television and starred Susannah York as Helen Dereham and Michael J. Shannon as Major Jim Kiley, with Lou Hirsch, Patrick O'Connell, Carolyn Pickles, James Saxon, June Barry, Lynne Pearson and Ray Smith. Produced by Tony Wharmby with scripts by Butler, David Crane (who was also script editor) and John Gorrie. The series ran for 13 episodes between February and May 1982. IMDB.

The show proved so popular that the Daily Mail commissioned a sequel from David Butler which was published in book form as We'll Meet Again: The End of an Era. The story continued from where the TV show ended, following events up to the end of the war and beyond, as Helen and Jim leave England for America and marriage.

We'll Meet Again by Keith Miles
Futura 07088-2146-4, 1982, 380pp, £1.95.
The summer of 1942... The Yanks had come to Britain to win the war.
__To the starry-eyed young girls of East Anglia, the American fliers came straight off a Hollywood set. To the men who had already lost sons to Hitler, they were the real enemy. To the lonely women left behind to mourn the crippled and the dead, they provided a moment of fragile comradeship and love in a life of pain,
__And then they, too, began to die...
We'll Meet Again... The End of An Era by David Butler
Futura 07088-2288-6, 1983, 384pp, £1.95.
——, 2nd imp., 1983.
We'll Meet Again captured the imaginations of viewers of LWT's hit series and readers alike with its bitter-sweet wartime story of how the US Air Force changed life in a sleepy East Anglian town. The fliers had come to win the war, but they won the girls' hearts too—if not those of their menfolk. Now, at last, a long-awaited sequel.
__The End of An Era which takes up the lives and loves of the Americans and the British from Christmas 1943, to reveal the heartbreak and joy, the relief and regret, until the fighting finally stopped and those who survived turned to a bright, new future.

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