Wednesday, September 01, 2010

No Surrender!

Officially published on 1 April 2010, No Surrender! is the latest volume to gather stories from the classic Fleetway War Picture Library, following on from Unleash Hell, Against All Odds and Up and At 'Em.

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Battle Drop (WPL 67, Sep 1960) Art: Gino D'Antonio; Script: A. Carney Allan.
Aces High (WPL 78, Dec 1960) Art: Nevio Zeccara; Script: I. B. Kellie.
Up the Marines! (WPL 58, Jul 1960) Art: Hugo Pratt; Script: Donne Avenell.
Close Range (WPL 63, Aug 1960) Art: Luis Bermejo; Script: Douglas Leach.
Bombers Moon (WPL 72, Nov 1960) Art: Ferdinando Tacconi; Script: D. M. Garbutt.
Danger Dives Deep (WPL 65, Sep 1960) Art: Jose Bielsa; Script: David Satherley.

Further information and details can be found in our book The Fleetway Picture Library Index Vol. 1: The War Libraries.


Evoking the danger and excitement of the front line during the Second World War, these six classic stories from War Picture Library capture adrenaline-pumping action from battle zones across the world.

From the baking deserts of Africa to the steaming jungles of the Far East, from the beaches of Normandy to the waters of the Atlantic, these exhilerating comic book adventures were brilliantly created by artists whose attention to detail was second to none.

Now reproduced 25 per cent bigger than the originals, you can relive the heat of WW2 combat in all its intensity.

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