Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starblazer Artists / Authors

What follows is a list of artists and authors known to have contributed to Starblazer. The comic ran for 281 issues between 1979 and 1991; as far as I know it is complete for authors and internal artists although I have not made any attempt to list artists who only contributed covers. Further information about any of the creators listed below would be very welcome.

I've linked to a number of offsite (⇒) pages but whilst the Wikipedia pages are general overviews, the other links are specifically where an author/artist has discussed Starblazer.

Enrique Alcatena [⇒Wikipedia]
Manuel Benet
Rafael Boluda
Alan Burrows
Jose Casanovas Jr.
Jose Casanovas Sr. (1934-2009)
Juan Manuel Cicuendez
Andrew Currie
Vincent Danks
Jose Ferrer
Ricardo Garijo (1953-2009)
Richard Johnson
Cam Kennedy [⇒Wikipedia]
Norman Lee
Mike McMahon [⇒Wikipedia]
Ferenc Masip
Rob Moran
Grant Morrison [⇒Wikipedia]
Agustin Navarro
Tony O'Donnell [Starblazer Memories]
Lucho Olivera
Jaimie Ortiz
Keith Page
Carlos Pino
Jesus Redondo [⇒Wikipedia]
Keith Robson
Alan Rogers
Phil Rowlands
Alberto Saichann
Alberto Salinas
Juan Sarompas
Jose Maria Sauri
Geoff Senior [⇒Wikipedia]
Elias Urbez
Dean Willetts

C. Alan
J. Albert
Paul Alexander
R. Aslin
Ray Aspden [⇒Down the Tubes article]
N. Austin
Mark Bilsborough
R. H. Bonsall
Sydney J. Bounds (1920-2006)
D. Broadbent
Rob Carter
M. Chamberlin
Mel Chappell
Mike Chinn [⇒Wikipedia] [⇒Starblazer article] [⇒Redeye interview]
Adrian Cole [⇒Wikipedia]
William Corderoy
Geoff Cowan
Alan Cowsill
Dave Dixon
P. Dunn
Tony Eccles
Malcolm Furnass
Martin Gately
Ken Gentry
Bambos Georgiou
M. Gorton
C. Harris
Alan Hemus (1925-2009)
Steve Holland [Starblazer Memories]
N. Jordan
Mike Knowles
M. Lepine
William McLoughlin [⇒Down the Tubes interview]
Grant Morrison [⇒Wikipedia]
David R. Motton
S. Neeld
G. Parker
Steve Pratt
John Radford [⇒Wikipedia]
Walter Cyril Henry Reed
M. Reilly
Gary P. Rice
Alan Rogers
Colin Shelbourne
D. Smith
John Smith [⇒Wikipedia]
John Speer
T. J. Spencer
M. Stall
T. Stent
Jack Sutter
Dave H. Taylor
R. Tuffnell
W. Webb
A. Whiteley
Mike Wild


  1. Colin MacNeil did the story artwork + cover for at least one Starblazer - I don't have my collection to hand, so I'm afraid I can't be any more specific than that, but it would have been mid-90s.

  2. It's worth remembering that pretty comprehensive credits for the whole series were printed on the inside covers of the last half dozen or so issues of Starblazer.

  3. Hi Bristle,

    Colin did covers - 265, 269, 275-277, 280 - but no interiors as far as I'm aware.

  4. The is quite a bit of information on the Starblazer guide on downthetubes:

  5. Hi Steve - I shall have a root around to try and find that elusive Colin MacNeil Starblazer I'm thinking of!

  6. I've just been digging around shelves and boxes for Starblazers, the only MacNeil cover one I can find ATM is #276, 'Outguard', and TBH now I'm starting to doubt myself... This one is illustrated by Alan Burrows, but I am SURE I remember picking up a Starblazer and being really surprised at seeing Colin MacNeil line artwork - really distinctive stuff, but around the time when only his painted work, like 'Chopper', had really had much of an airing.

    This is going to drive me mad!

  7. i actually own an original Macneil cover from 90'. been trying to find out more info on it and possible value to collectors.
    any info would be greatly appreciated. it has berserker character holding his helmet horns in the foreground and a massive detailed battle in the background
    contact me:



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