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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rip Kirby collections

Back in the 1940s/50s, Associated Newspapers published five collections of Rip Kirby strips in various-sized reprint volumes, anywhere between 16 and 84 pages. I recently saw three of the volumes and, as I had my camera with me, took some pics. The books were badly yellowed - they were upwards of sixty years old, after all - but a bit of TLC and colour correction in Photoshop has... well, you can see the results below.

(* And since the original post, Richard Sheaf has sent over a scan of the two missing titlesto be added to the gallery. Cheers, Richard.)

Rip Kirby: The Menace of the Mangler [front and back cover]
Associated Newspapers, n.d. (1948), 16pp, 6d.

Rip Kirby: Poison and Paradise [wraparound cover]
Associated Newspapers, n.d. (1955), 52pp, 9d.

Rip Kirby: Moray's Last Gamble
Associated Newspapers, n.d. (1955), 52pp, 1/-.

Rip Kirby: The Man Who Stole a Million
Associated Newspapers, n.d. (1955?), 44pp, 1/-.

Rip Kirby: The Beaumont Case / The Faraday Murder
Associated Newspapers, n.d. (1956), 84pp, 1/6.


Anonymous said...

Am slowly collecting these but they come up very infrequently, in fact I'm just waiting for one to arrive in the post as I type this. Sadly I don't have the missing ones that you are after.

Richard Sheaf

Tom Roberts said...


Thanks for your post.

Of the four images you posted, I had never seen "Poison and Paradise." Nor have I seen the other two you asked about.

I was unable to acquire scans of any of these reprints to include in my book, "Alex Raymond: His Life and Art," so it's great to see the booklets get some attention.

I do have somewhere around here, deep in the depths of the Acme warehouse, a xerox of a newspaper article about Rip Kirby running in the Daily Mail circa 1948.

"The Beaumont Case / The Faraday Murder" I have seen offered for sale on several occasions but the remainder seem to rarely turn up. And least on my side of the world.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books