Monday, November 01, 2010

Mo-Bot High Book One

On Asha's first day at Midford High School, her main concerns are about starting over, fitting in and whether she'll make any friends. These turn out to be the least of her worries however when she discovers her classmates duking it out behind the bike sheds – inside giant robots. These Mo-Bots zap out of pupils' mobile phones, via a network that can only be accessed in the school grounds and it isn't long before the local bully has challenged Asha to a fight. Fortunately Asha soon discovers she's a natural at Mo-Bot battles and is quickly accepted by the 'cool crowd', but why is this mysterious technology limited to one school and unknown anywhere else? How are the trashed school buildings being rebuilt instantly after battles and who are the sinister group of dinner ladies monitoring Asha's Mo-bot skills...?

DC Library presents another collected edition of its former magazine titles, written and drawn by Neil Cameron whose work has already been featured in the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga. Aficionados of this genre will recognise the themes of an inexperienced youngster thrown into battle with giant robots, but the English school setting and use of mobile phones as controllers give it a contemporary accessible twist and Cameron's artwork is bright and clean. Furthermore, Asha is a convincing schoolgirl character, just as concerned with fitting in and customising her robot to look fashionable as well as investigating the huge conspiracy surrounding her. Whether they are into manga or not, young teens should find plenty to appeal here.

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