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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jonathan Latimer

Jonathan Latimer was the master of the screwball hardboiled novel, his Bill Crane series a classic of booze, babes and bullets, although Latimer would eventually tire of the hard-drinking PI. He's one of the forgotten masters: Hammett, Chandler and Cain have found their place with the literati, but a few others have escaped attention, Latimer being one (and Howard Browne being another).

Latimer, born in Chicago on 23 October 1906, produced only a few novels as he was in the main employed first as a journalist in the 1920s, then as a film and TV screenwriter, yet in his small canon of books there lies at least one classic: Solomon's Vineyard. It was originally considered too hot for publication in the USA It appeared in the UK uncut but had to wait 15 years before it appeared in the States in a bowdlerised version.

Latimer's movie credits began with adaptations of his own novels The Westland Case (1937; from Headed for a Hearse) and The Last Warning (1938; from The Dead Don't Care), but moved into original territory with The Long Wolf's Spy Hunt (1939). Other movies include Topper Returns (1941), The Glass Key (1942), They Won't Believe Me (1947), The Big Clock (1948), Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948), and numerous others.

In the  late 1950s he switched to writing for TV, including 26 episodes of Perry Mason (1958-65), 6 episodes of Markham (1959-60) and an episode of Columbo (1972).

Latimer died of lung cancer on 23 June 1983 in La Jolla, California.

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  1. Great post. I read Solomon's Vineyard a few years ago and have Search For My Great Uncle's Head in my TBR pile. I think Vineyard is a real classic; I may have to re-read it.