Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John Burke gallery 4

Another handful of books by the prolific John Burke.

The System
Pan Books G677, 1964, 157pp, 2/6. [FC Oliver Reed]
Summer at Roxham
Holiday-time for the 'grockles'—the egg-and-chip eaters, the transistor-carriers, the gift-shop pushovers...
Holiday-time for the 'thrushes'—the girls anxious for romance, anxious to 'please'...
Harvest-time for the boys of the town with their System!
__A novel of cynical sex and flaring violence—a story of seaside kicks and sudden disillusion—a story of today...

A Kenneth Shipman/Michael Winner production for release by British Lion-Bryanston, starring Oliver Reed, Jane Merrow, Barbara Ferris, Harry Andrews and Julia Foster. Screenplay by Peter Draper.
Pan Books X631, 1967, 156pp, 3/6. [FC Paul Jones, Jean Shrimpton]
Set in the near future of the 1970s, Steven Shorter (Jones) is a disillusioned pop singer who is manipulated by the church and state which seek to turn him into a messianic leader.

Paul Jones stars in the new Universal release Privilege. The film, which also stars Jean Shrimpton, is a John Heyman/Peter Watkins production for World Film Services Ltd. and Memorial Enterprises Ltd. Music by Mike Leander and Mark London; associate producer Timothy Burrell; written by Norman Bogner with additional scenes and dialogue by Peter Watkins. Produced by John Heyman, directed by Peter Watkins.
Smashing Time
Pan Books X744, 1968, 127pp, 3/6. [FC Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave]
It's the hippiest, happiest rave of the year.
Two psyche-delicious, delirious, delectable chicks from Slagheap come to glue their crazy peepers on Swinging London... They dig... they flip... at the kookie birds, mini-mods and dishy boys... they make with teh action in Soho, Carnaby Street, photographers' studios and recording sessions...
__For Brenda and Yvonne it all happens here—in the wild, young, groovy world of 'pop' idols, models, debs, agents and promoters where the man with the camera makes or breaks and success calls the tune...
__Do yourself a favour—have a smashing time

A Paramount release. A Partisan film produced by Roy Milchip in association with Carlo Ponti and directed by Desmond Davis, starring Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave and Michael York, with Ian Carmichael, Anna Quayle and Irene Handl. Screenplay by George Melly.

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