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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

TV Tie-ins: The New Avengers

A follow-up to the Avengers cover gallery from the other day.

The New Avengers 1: House of Cards by Peter Cave
Futura 08600-7472-2, 1976, 160pp, 55p. Cover: photo [FC: Patrick Macnee, Joanna Lumley]
House of Cards...
Codename for a terrifying game of espionage; twelve 'sleeping' Russian agents conditioned by narco-hypnosis to live for years as normal English citizens, unless they receive a torn playing card. At that point they become deadly, mindless killers, each programmed to destroy a specific target!
The New Avengers...
John Steed, Mike Gambit and the exquisite Purdey find themselves trapped in a web of terror and assassination as the House of Cards mysteriously begins to crumble and killer after killer is unleashed against the top men in British Intelligence. Among the targets—John Steed himself...
The New Avengers 2: The Eagle's Nest by John Carter
Futura 08600-7471-4, 1976, 190pp, 60p. Cover: photo [FC: Joanna Lumley, Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt]
A Nazi aeroplane flying on its last desperate mission.
A British agent gunned down in the snows of Siberia.
An enemy with the touch of death.
The New Avengers: John Steed, bowler-hatted, imperturbable, Purdey, the exquisite ex-ballerina who has turned dancing into a lethal form of unarmed combat, and Mike Gambit, face not one but two deadly missions that lead them from a macabre ritual on a lonely Scottish island to a factory of living death hidden in the heart of London's dockland.
The New Avengers 3: To Catch a Rat by Walter Harris
Futura 08600-7474-9, 1977, 160pp, 60p. Cover: photo [FC: Gareth Hunt, Joanna Lumley, Patrick Macnee]
Vengeance trail...
The White Rat: a traitor hidden somewhere in the highest echelons of British Intelligence, prepared to send colleague after colleague to a terrible death in the Soviet Union—until his last victim—a man who did not die but , after years in a mental home, recovered enough to enlist some formidable allies and set out on a mission of vengeance.
The New Avengers: John Steed, Mike Gambit and their lethal, beautiful assistant, Purdey, promised that whatever the cost they would help to identify, find and destroy the traitor known only as the White Rat.
The New Avengers 4: Fighting Men by Justin Cartwright
Futura 08600-7505-2, 1977, 159pp, 60p. Cover: photo [FC: Gareth Hunt, Joanna Lumley, Patrick Macnee]
Fighting Men: 19th Special Commando contained some of the dregs of the Army, men with records of violence and crime. They had been trained to be a killing elite, but they had also been picked for a more sinister purpose that was masked by the comfortable respectability of the British Army. One man discovered what their role really was and he died..
The New Avengers: John Steed, Mike Gambit and the beautiful, lethal ex-dancer, Purdey, had only so much time in which to find out what was going on and to stop it before they, too, became execution targets.
The New Avengers 5: The Cybernauts by Peter Cave [Last of the Cybernauts on title page]
Futura 08600-7575-3, 1977, 156pp, 65p. Cover: photo [FC: Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt, Joanna Lumley]
The Cybernauts: Cumbersome, colossal and deadly, they were metal robots emerging from a past everyone had believed dead: controlled by a man whose horrible mutilations in a car accident had turned him into a monster, half flesh, half machine.
__This is the enemy of the Avengers, Steed, Purdey and Gambit, have to face when they discover that Professor Mason, Britain's leading expert on cybernetics has been forcibly abducted from one of the most heavily guarded security establishments in the country.
The New Avengers 6: Hostage by Peter Cave
Futura 08600-7558-3, 1977, 139pp, 65p. Cover: photo [FC: Patrick Macnee, Gareth Hunt, Joanna Lumley]
Why is everyone in Security suddenly concerned about the possible outcome of a fight to the death between Gambit and John Steed?
__Who is leaking vital secrets from inside one of the most heavily guarded establishments within the Department? When the clues finally point, without a shadow of a doubt, to one man, it is Gambit who gets the order: Kill John Steed on sight. Only Purdey can clear up the web of mystery and reveal why Steed has stolen important defence secrets. And Purdey is missing.

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