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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tabloid Books

I sometimes pick up odd books from minor publishers I don't recognise. Tabloid Books was one such publisher. They described themselves as "New, exciting and different"...
These are fast-moving thrillers that tell the story of the events which lead up to, surround, and then follow the 'breaking' of an exclusive front page banner headline in a typical tabloid newspaper, the Daily World.
Tabloid Books were based at 12 Beresford Drive, Southport PR9 7JY, and appear to have only published three titles in 1992-93:

ISBN 1874652...
01-5 Soap Star Kidnapped by Julian Desser (1992)
02-3 Sex By Royal Appointment by Julian Desser (1993)
03-1 Soccer Ace Gunned Down by Neil Bartlem (1993)

Neither author appears to have written any other novels.

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