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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Paperback Cover Cavalcade 12

Today's paperback cover cavalcade is an odd-shaped books special. Three books that have been trimmed into interesting shapes to reflect their contents... not really much else I can add!

Valentine Night by Jill Young. Pan 30595, 1989. Cover design: Sands Graphics
Brighton in winter doesn't seem to have much to offer Vanessa. No fun, and no one who really understood her. Until she met Dusty.
__Attractive, gentle and confident--he's just about everything she could wish for. That, and a date for the Valentine's Ball. But Dusty seems to have other plans...

A Small Book of Grave Humour by Fritz Spiegl. Pan 02871, 1971.
"The object of an epitaph is to identify the resting place of the mortal remains of a dead person. It should therefore record only such information as is reasonably necessary for that person."—The Churchyard Handbook

Metal Mickey's Boogie Book by Metal Mickey and his friends, with help from Colin Bostock-Smith and Mary Danby; illustrated by Bryan Reading. Armada C1955, 1981.
All kinds of fun with TV's most lovable robot and his friends Brainbox, Bootface, Stringbean, Stumblebum, and, of course, the Little Fruitbat.

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