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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harry Secombe

Here's a little supplement to the Spike Milligan gallery that appeared last week. Harry Secombe had a long career post-Goons, and many more people probably knew him from his TV appearances on The Harry Secombe Show, Songs of Praise and Highway than for his radio career, which also encompassed Educating Archie and Hancock's Half Hour (standing in for Tony Hancock).

Once again I'll point you in the direction of Wikipedia for more background.

Twice Brightly (London, Robson, 1974)
Sphere, 1975
Fontana 6886, 1984, 191pp, £1.50

Goon For Lunch (Walton-on-Thames, M. & J. Hobbs, 1975)

Welsh Fargo (London, Robson, 1981)
Fontana, 1982.

Goon Abroad (London, Robson, 1982)

Secombe also wrote two volumes of autobiography, Arias and Raspberries (London, Robson, 1989) and Strawberries and Cheam (London, Robson, 1997) collected as Harry Secombe: An Entertaining Life (London, Robson, 2001). Other books included the children's books Katy and the Nurgla (London, Robson, 1978) and The Nurgla's Magic Tear (London, Robson, 1991), a book of verse entitled Harry Secombe's Zoo Loo Book: A Zoology of Animal Rhymes (London, Robson, 1999), plus a number of non-fiction books, including The Harry Secombe Diet Book (London, Robson, 1983), Harry Secombe's Highway (London, Robson, 1984), The Highway Companion (London, Robson, 1987) and The Second Highway Companion (London, Robson, 1991).

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