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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Slaine on computer

After yesterday's Judge Dredd clippings, we take a trip even further back into the past to 1987 and an issue of Computer and Video Games. The October '87 issue carried a Slaine cover and a report on the new Slaine computer game from Martech. It's amazing how far games have come in the last twenty years... the Slaine game sounds like it was little more than a plot-your-own-adventure that you could play on a box rather than reading a book.

The same issue carried a little preview of the upcoming new Luther Arkwright  book... heady days! I remember buying up the Valkyrie Arkwright comic book as it appeared and pounced on the second collected volume. I still have it.

(* Slaine © Rebellion; Luther Arkwright © Bryan Talbot.)

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