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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Clippings: TV shows that never were

Some more random clippings from amongst the piles of paper that I've spent the last twenty years tripping over. I should have had a clear-out years ago!

Today's clippings are from the Daily Mail 28 April 1997 and relate to two TV shows that never happened. One, a 7-part St. Trinian's TV show produced by Granada, to star Eddie Izzard in the Alastair Sim/Miss Fritton role and Joanna Lumley in the Joyce Grenfell/Ruby Gates role. Now that's a show I would have watched despite the rumoured involvement of The Spice Girls. I wonder why the show never went ahead?

And at the same time there was a Billy Bunter TV show mooted. The 13-parter was to be made by Galaxy Media, whom I've never heard of (and who don't show up on IMDB). They might be Galaxy Media Corporation plc, which is nowadays known as Asia Capital plc, an investment banking and financial services group based in Sri Lanka.

Not that it especially matters as the TV show came to nothing. But I did find the editorial that ran on the same day interesting. The Daily Mail is best known for its desire the angry up the blood of its readers, with Political Correctness always one of their great bug-bears. If you've ever wondered how many times you can shoehorn the terms political correctness, PC or political incorrectness into one article, this one takes some beating.

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