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Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEL's Disney novelisations

Walt Disney like you've never known him... back in the late 1970s, New English Library published a range of Walt Disney movie tie-ins, some of older animated films, some of more modern live-action movies. What I always found interesting is the list of authors who contributed: Derry Moffatt, wife of Jim (Skinhead) Moffatt (and they were actually written by her), Guy N. (Crabs) Smith, John (Resnick) Harvey and Ann Spanoghe (a.k.a. Ann Spano). Janet Sacks and Dorothy Houghton were both editors at NEL, whilst Vic Crume was associated with other Disney tie-ins published by Scholastic. The two names I don't recognise are Jimmy Corinis and Heather Simon, the latter a regular contributor towards the end,

Robin Hood by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2018, May 1975.
NEL 0450-2755-4, 2nd imp., 1975.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Guy N. Smith. NEL 2684, Sep 1975.

Lady and the Tramp by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2686, Sep 1975.

Songs of the South by Guy N. Smith. NEL 2687, Sep 1975.

Dumbo by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2688, 1975.

Pinocchio by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2690, 1975.

Sleeping Beauty by Guy N. Smith. NEL 2692, 1975.

The Three Caballeros by Jimmy Corinis. NEL 2806, Feb 1976.

The Sword in the Stone by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2807, 1976.

The Aristocats by Derry Moffatt. NEL 2808, 1976.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Guy N. Smith. NEL 2824, Apr 1976.

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing by John Harvey. NEL 2826, Mar 1976.

The Strongest Man in the World by Ann Spanoghe. NEL 2827, Mar 1976.

The Swiss Family Robinson by Jimmy Corinis. NEL 2828, Mar 1976.

Darby O'Gill and the Little People by Ann Spano. NEL 2971, 1976.

Cinderella by Derry Moffatt. NEL 3017, 1976.

Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger Too and other stories by Janet Sacks. NEL 0450-03033-4, 1976.

Herbie Rides Again by John Harvey. NEL 3140, 1977. 

Superdad by Ann Spanoghe. NEL 3143, 1976.

Treasure of Matecumbe by Derry Moffatt. NEL 3248, 1977. 

Alice in Wonderland by Ann Spano. NEL 0450-3278-7, 1977. [trade paperback]

Bedknobs and Broomsticks by Dorothy Houghton. NEL 0450-3286-8, 1977.

Treasure Island by Derry Moffatt. NEL 3309, 1977.

The Shaggy DA by Vic Crume. NEL 0450-03570-0, 1977.
----, 2nd imp., 1980.

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo by John Harvey. NEL 3651, 1978.

Pete's Dragon by Dewy Moffatt. NEL 3837, Oct 1978.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Ann Spano. NEL 4231, 1978.

The Spaceman and King Arthur by Heather Simon. NEL 4567, Aug 1979.

The Black Hole by Alan Dean Foster
NEL 4707-5, Nov 1979, 121pp, 75p.
NEL 4569-2, Nov 1979, 187+8pp, 95p. *recover of above?

The Last Flight of Noah's Ark by Heather Simon. NEL 0450-5006-8, Aug 1980.

Condorman by Heather Simon. NEL 0450-5260-5, Aug 1981.

The Fox and the Hound by Heather Simon. NEL 0450-5331-8, Nov 1981.

Tron by Brian Daley. NEL 0450-5550-7, 1982, 186+8pp, £1.50.


The Gnome-Mobile by Upton Sinclair. NEL/Four Square 2085, (Jul) 1967, 128pp, 3/6.

Rascal by Sterling North. NEL 2601, 1969? [[reissue of Four Square 1825, 1967]]

Hill's Angels (The North Avenue Irregulars) by Albert Fay Hill. NEL 4538-2, Sep 1979, 205p, £1.00.

(* My thanks to Tony of Tony's Trading for sending over scans of some of the titles missing  from the original post.)

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  1. Yes, they did add a different dimension to the movies. The writing was not always stellar quality, for example, Derry Moffatt's books were often quite clunky and awkward to read, particularly the dialogue. Also the editing/proofreading left a lot to be desired. But that being said, they were always a welcome adjunct to the movies themselves. :-)