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Bear Alley contributor Richard Sheaf dropped me a line mentioning an idea relating to old comic book convention souvenir books. "I've collected all the UKCAC brochures but couldn't (and still can't) find a list of who did what in them. So I thought I'd do it myself! There's some interesting stuff in them that might otherwise escape attention." I'm pleased to present the results here as an occasional series.

Con held 21-22 Sep 1985 at University of London Union, Malet Street

Cover by Alan Davis & Paul Neary, A5 booklet, 60 pages

ARTIST (Character(s))
Bryan Talbot (Nemesis the Warlock & Purity Brown)
Ian Gibson (Judge Dredd, Sam Slade, Hoagy, Tharg)
John Ridgway
Dave Gibbons (Rogue Trooper)
Kevin O’Neill (Batman, Nemesis the Warlock)
Hunt Emerson (Max Zillion)
Eddie Campbell
Gary Leach
Alan Davis and Paul Neary (Captain America & Captain Britain)
John Wagner, Alan Grant, Robin Smith and Tom Frame (Judge Dredd)
John Bolton
Dicky Howett (Doctor Whos)
Bob Wakelin
John Higgins
Leigh Baulch (Tatter Shadow)
Brian Bolland (Batman)
Phil Elliott
Glenn Fabry (Nest & Ukko [from Slaine the Barbarian])

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  1. That was my very first comic convention. I paid something like £7-50 for the two days, plus £10 for accommodation so I didn't have to travel up by tube on the Sunday. If I recall correctly the place I stayed was near Old Street, so I had to travel by tube anyway...

    Somewhere in that catalogue is my name, along with all the other early applicants!



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