Friday, May 29, 2009

Comic Cuts

Unbelievable to think a week has already passed since my last Comic Cuts column. I spent the bank holiday working on the Bear Alley book in the hope that I'd get the whole thing wrapped up and ready for a printed proof by Monday. I missed that deadline by 24 hours and sent it off on Tuesday. Then spent Wednesday and Thursday doing some last minute work on the Frank Bellamy's World War 1 book and today I'm working on Bear Alley project three (the numbering come basically from the order in which I start them). More artwork to clean up. Oh, boy.

I'm shortly going to be upgrading Bear Alley. A couple of week's ago I mentioned that I was running short of space on Blogger and, thanks to a couple of generous donations (and another this very morning), I can now buy myself some more storage space rather than edit out images from old pieces to make room for new pictures. When I get a chance I'll try to give BA a bit of a tidy up, too, and update a few more of the illustrated bibliographical listings over there on the right (under the heading Comics Bibliography).

Early next week I'll repost the latest, updated listings of recent releases and upcoming titles. There's some great stuff coming up soon, including Aces High: Air Ace Picture Library Vol. 1, out in about a fortnight. Also some great titles from Rebellion. I tend not to note them as they don't seem to send out review copies and digging around in the attic looking for my old copies of 2000AD isn't something I want to do—it's not so much getting them down as getting them back up afterwards. It never happens and before you know it they're scattered all around the house. But they deserve a mention, especially in a month when you have John Wagner & Arthur Ranson's Button Man: Harry's Game and the latest volume of Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files coming out. You'll find plenty of ways to spend your money.

I'm not sure what strip I'll be running next week. I'll see what I can dig out for scanning over the weekend. The next "Eagles Over the Western Front" is a 4-parter so I'll try to make sure I've got something interesting written to fill any gap that leaves. I've got the urge to actually write something as I've written a grand total of one obituary, a few e-mails and the above this week.


  1. Robbie Moubert29 May 2009, 17:16:00

    Got any more Clarks' Commandoes? Really enjoyed seeing those again.

  2. Steve, did you really needed that extra space... You could have as well used another gmail account, which could be the team member for this blog, so get another quota allocated..... while continuing to publish under your name.

    It's just a work-around, as Google advocates more accounts and users... then why not be :) ?

    By the way, looking forward for your new scans... The last ones on Notre Dame and Eagles was pretty good. Thanks for all of them.

    By the way, Best of Luck on your Bear Alley Project.




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