Friday, May 22, 2009

Grant Morrison: The Documentary

On 16 May, a trailer appeared over on YouTube for a documentary on the life and work of Grant Morrison. Sequart, publisher of the book Grant Morrison: The Early Years, and Respect! Films are the companies behind it.

Heidi MacDonald at Publishers Weekly's The Beat, quotes a notice that appeared on YouTube:
Sequart and Respect! Films are producing a documentary about legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison. Morrison has written virtually every major comic book franchise, from Batman to Superman to X-Men, and created many new properties, including the seminal comic book series THE INVISIBLES. This documentary is the first in depth look at his life and work in film, and features unresricted access to the man himself.
___A significant amount of material has already been shot, with more shoot dates to come. Look for the film to be released sometime in 2010. It is directed by Patrick Meaney, shot by Jordan Rennert and produced by Amber Yoder.
___If you would like to become a producer on this project, send an inquiry to
A further note signed SequartTV says: "We're super excited about it. We still have to film him in San Diego at the con. Plus we're hoping to visit Scotland and shoot some more there. It's gonna be great!" The Sequart website is currently down due to "catastrophic server failure".

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