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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Peter Elson

Peter Elson was one of the best of the Chris Foss lookalike artists. Looking through some back issues of SF Monthly, I discovered that Elson had won one of their painting competitions (Angus McBride was a runner up in the other competition they ran). First prize was £50.

The artwork appeared in 1976, by which time Elson had already made his professional debut. He went on to produce a few tens of dozens of covers over the next twenty years but died at the relatively young age of 51 in 1998. He's definitely going to be the subject of a gallery at some point once I can get some more scans together but I thought you might like to see this early example of his work.

(* artwork © Estate of Peter Elson.)


Derek said...

I was fortunate enough to pick up two of the original Terran Trade Authority books last year on ebay and Elson's artwork is absolutley brilliant.alland

martin lucas said...

We've just launched a new Peter Elson website featuring over 300 of his original works.