Friday, November 07, 2008

Crikey! New Managagement

Crikey! The Great British Comics Magazine! is undergoing some changes. Editor Brian Clarke and Publicist Tom Sweetman, two of the original three founders, are leaving to pursue other projects and Designer Glenn B. Fleming is taking over, saying in a statement on the Forbidden Planet International Blog, "This is a new area of publishing for me and I am looking forward to the challenge."

The next issue of Crikey! will be published in full colour, thanks to the support of Peter Hansen and Phil Clarke and Mike Higgs of Blasé Books. "We can finally see our great artwork the way it was meant to be--in full, glorious colour! Other plans for Crikey! are in the pipeline already."

In closing I'll echo something Lew Stringer has said on his blog: "Crikey! has seen many improvements in recent issues, and its presence as a magazine dedicated to British comics is very much appreciated by all its readers."


  1. Some wag suggested that Editor Brian Clarke and Publicist Tom Sweetman were only ever using Crikey as a platform for greater things.Were they right?!

  2. Hi Cap,

    Don't see it myself. Brian at least had genuine enthusiasm for the title and I imagine his only hope was to use Crikey as the jumping off point for a number of other magazines such as the Super-Spies & Secret Agents magazine, which folded after only a single issue. I suspect leaving Crikey was a wrench and was a purely financial decision (income vs. time spent putting it together).



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