Monday, November 03, 2008

Commando celebrates the Armistice

November is a particularly important month for all war veterans. This year will be even more significant as it marks 90 years since the guns fell silent over the many battlefields of the First World War.

To mark this moment in history, one particular war veteran—Commando—has produced a series of eight stories based on the events of the Great War. From the trenches of the Western Front to the skies over Mesopotamia, Commandos heroes will struggle to overcome the odds and arise triumphant.

Editor Calum Laird says, "We are hoping that our special stories to coincide with Armistice 90 will reawaken ex-readers' interest is a title many of them will have thought no longer existed and awaken an interest in younger readers looking for action and adventure stories in a format less intimidating that a full-length novel.

"If our stories give an authentic taste of kind of experiences the people who will be honoured this month went through, we’ll be very pleased.

"For comic fans, the artists featured are Keith Page, Carlos Pino, José Maria Jorge, Olivera and Alan Burrows with a cover by Ron Brown. Authors are Ferg Handley, Alan Hebden, Ian Clark, Peter McKenzie, Alan Hemus and Mike Knowles."

Four of the special Armistice 90 books go on sale on November 13, the other four on November 27. Price is unchanged at £1.30 each.

(* Thanks to Calum Laird for sending over the images, which are © D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.)


  1. I'm going to get all these world war 1 titles,. The majority of war comics cover the second world war and apart from Charley's War I can't really think of much first world war stuff.

  2. Oh by the way - saw High Noon in my borders last night. Yippie...almost, bought another copy



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