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Larry Niven

The first gallery in a while and the first relating to a living author. Just so happens, Larry Niven is one of my favourite writers. When I was working on the Sci-Fi Art book, I dug out all my old SF books—which led to the first of these cover art galleries. I re-discovered a lot of books I'd not seen in a long time and had a good wallow in nostalgia with some old favourites. I sat down and re-read some: Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement, The Paradox Men by Charles L. Harness and a whole bunch of stories by Larry Niven. Of course, Niven is still with us and still writing, so I headed over to Amazon and picked up some of his more recent titles—Scatterbrain, Crashlander, The Draco Tavern and his latest novel in paperback, Fleet of Worlds, co-written with Edward M. Lerner, to catch up on his more recent work. Having now read the collections I'm pleased to say his work still fills me with that sense of wonder.

In the 1980s I was living in a tiny little flat and most of my books had to be stashed away in boxes; after a couple of moves, I got so fed-up with lugging boxes around that I sold off most of my SF collection. However, I allowed myself to keep a select few titles: most of the Hugo and Nebula award winners, a few good anthologies and a small selection of authors. Niven was one author I held onto.

When I started reading SF in the early 1970s, I tended towards the hard SF end of the spectrum, probably because Arthur C. Clarke was my first obsession, followed by Isaac Asimov. I read quite a lot of their non-fiction, too, so I started to get to grips with all sorts of astronomical terminology. I knew what a neutron star was before I discovered a story with that title. From memory, it must have been in the Asimov-edited Hugo Winners anthology reprinted by Sphere in 1971 but which I must have picked up second-hand a few years later. I've just managed to track down copies recently (see below). Anyway, I loved that story and before long had started picking up more of Niven's short stories and novels. Inconstant Moon was, I think, the first and that was in 1976. Loved that Eddie Jones spaceship on the cover and swapped 65p for it. Jones was also the artist on the Asimov anthologies.

My copy of Niven's Ringworld also dates from 1976 and was at the time the biggest alien artifact I'd ever read about (bigger than Rama in Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama, which I must have read in the summer of '75. Sorry about all the dates but it's the only way I can keep things straight in my head). For anyone who hasn't read the book, the Ringworld is literally a ring 190 million miles in diameter that orbits around a sun, with a series of evenly spaced screens orbiting closer to the sun that simulate night and day. The surface area is 3 million times that of Earth and has an incredibly diverse range of life-forms living on its inner surface. Our heroes—Louis Wu, a Pierson's puppeteer (a bizarre three-legged, two-headed alien species; see Peter Jones' cover for the Neutron Star collection), a kzin (think eight-foot tabby cat with needle-sharp teeth and an unremitting desire to kill you) called Speaker-to-Animals and Teela Brown who has a very useful power—crashland and have to journey across the ring to safety. Niven followed up with three sequels, The Ringworld Engineers, The Ringworld Throne and The Ringworld Children.

The Ringworld books take place in a late period of Niven's future history, the tales of Known Space, which also encompasses many of his other novels (The World of Ptavvs, A Gift from Earth, Protector, the recent Fleet of Worlds) and two of his finest stories: 'Neutron Star' and 'The Borderland of Sol'; Ringworld won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, one of only a handful of novels to win both (Niven has won the Hugo five times in all, so I'm far from being alone in liking his stories).

Niven's background is available elsewhere (see, for instance, his entry on Wikipedia) so I'll limit myself to a quick version. He was born Laurence van Cott Niven on 30 April 1938, the son of a lawyer, and was raised in Beverly Hills. He attended schools in Beverly Hills and Carpinteria, flunked out of the California Institute for Technology, having spent too much time reading SF, but subsequently graduated in mathematics from Washburn University, Kansas. He did a year's graduate work in maths at the University of California before deciding to drop out and devote himself to writing full time.

He sold his first story, "The Coldest Place", to If in 1964 and made further sales to If, Worlds of Tomorrow, Galaxy, F&SF and Harlan Ellison's monumental Dangerous Visions anthology over the next few years. "World of Ptavvs" (Worlds of Tomorrow, Mar 1965) was expanded into a novel, published by Ballantine in 1966 and A Gift from Earth (originally serialised in If as "Slowboat Cargo") followed in 1968.

Niven also brought his hard science approach to fantasy and wrote a series of stories, collected in The Flight of the Horse, featuring a harassed time retrieval expert called Svetz who encounters a variety of mythical creatures on his trips; the novel The Magic Goes Away treats magic as a finite resource and four magicians have to get together to replenish the world's supply of mana. The series was spun out into a couple of anthologies with other authors like Fred Saberhagen, Dean Ing, Poul Anderson, Bob Shaw and Roger Zelazny contributing. Another anthology series, The Man-Kzin Wars has run to 12 volumes (XII is due next February) and spin-off novels.

I'm not a huge fan of shared universe stories and collaborative novels as they're very rarely a sum of the parts. I did like the Niven/Pournelle blockbusters that came out in the 1970s and 1980s: The Mote in God's Eye, Lucifer's Hammer and Footfall. I still favour Niven on his own but, as mentioned above, I'm just about to give Fleet of Worlds a try; there simply haven't been that many solo Niven novels in recent decades: 12 collaborations vs. 4 solo in 20 years.

Niven hasn't limited himself to novels and short stories: he is also the screenwriter of a classic episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series which linked the Trek universe with his Known Space tales with a Trek tale based on his story "The Soft Weapon". He has also written for Land of the Lost and The Outer Limits, comic strips for DC Comics (including a revamp of the Green Lantern series) and is currently working on a game for Xbox and Playstation called Larry Niven's Free Fall.

Pre-production art from Free Fall (by, I believe, Aldo Spadoni)

Niven has two further books announced: Escape from Hell with Jerry Pournelle, a sequel to Inferno due in February 2009, and Destroyer of Worlds, his third collaboration with Edward M. Lerner which is in some part a sequel to Protector, due in 2010. There also appear to have possibly been e-book publications entitled Larry Niven Short Stories Volume 1 and Volume 2 (possibly also a Volume 3) published in 2003; I've no idea if these were official.


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Television Plays
Star Trek: The Animated Series:
__The Slaver Weapon (15 Dec 1973)
Land of the Lost:
__Downstream (28 Sep 1974)
__Hurricane, with David Gerrold (21 Dec 1974)
__Circle, with David Gerrold (28 Dec 1974)
The Outer Limits:
__Inconstant Moon (12 Apr 1996)

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Further Information Sanctioned by Niven, with news and a comprehensive bibliography.

Interviews 10 Feb 2000 interview by S. James Blackman.
Silver Bullet Comics. 2003 interview by Marv Wolfman.
Slashdot. 10 Mar 2003 interview by Slashdot readers. 2004 interview by Michale McCarty.
Fantastic Reviews. August 2004 interview by Aaron Hughes.
Hour 25. Audio interview from 21 Feb 2005.
Farsector. August 2006 interview by Shaun Farrell. Audio chat between Niven and Tom Doherty in Yokohama, Japan, 13 September 2007.
Adventures in SciFi Publishing. Audio interview by Shaun Farrell from Conjecture, 29 Sep 2007.

Larry Niven's books at Go try some!

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