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E E 'Doc' Smith Cover Gallery

E. E. 'Doc' Smith was one of the pioneers of "space opera", a sub-genre of science fiction that had grand themes and galaxies as backdrops. Starting with The Skylark of Space, I lapped these up when I was 14 and 15. Along with novels and stories by Jack Williamson and A. E. Van Vogt, these were my first real exposure to American pulp fiction, which led to reading about the old pulps and, in particular, a fantastic set of books called The History of the Science Fiction Magazine by Mike Ashley. In my last year of school, I did a project about British SF magazines which was the first sustained bit of research I ever did. Nearly thirty years later, I'm still finding the whole research thing fascinating.

The 'Doc' Smith books were also amongst of the first sets of Chris Foss artwork I remember seeing, along with his covers on various Isaac Asimov novels. Again, hugely influential on the young me. These really looked like spaceships that could travel from galaxy to galaxy. Wow!

The Lensman Series

Panther 0-586-03760-8, 1972. Cover by Chris Foss

First Lensman
Panther 0-586-03779-9, 1972. Cover by Chris Foss

Galactic Patrol
Panther 0-586-03828-0, 1972. Cover by Chris Foss

Grey Lensman
Panther 0-586-03845-0, 1972. Cover by Chris Foss

Second Stage Lensman
Panther 0-586-03846-9, 1973. Cover by Chris Foss

Children of the Lens
Panther 0-586-03847-7, 1973. Cover by Chris Foss

Masters of the Vortex
Panther 0-586-03848-5, 1973. Cover by Chris Foss

The Skylark of Space Series

The Skylark of Space
Panther 0-586-03949-X, Jul 1974. Cover by Chris Foss

Skylark Three
Panther 0-586-03947-3, Aug 1974. Cover by Chris Foss

Skylark of Valeron
Panther 0-586-03948-1, Sep 1974. Cover by Chris Foss

Skylark DuQuesne
Panther 0-586-03946-5, Oct 1974. Cover by Chris Foss

The Family d'Alembert Series
"The Imperial Stars" originally appeared as a novelette in Worlds of IF (1964) and was subsequently expanded to novel length by Stephen Goldin, who then continued the series, which eventually ran to ten volumes.

The Imperial Stars
Panther 0-586-04334-9, Sep 1976; Dec 1977. Cover by ?

Stranglers' Moon
Panther 0-586-04335-7, Jan 1977. Cover by Peter Jones?

The Clockwork Traitor
Panther 0-586-04336-5, Jun 1977; Dec 1978. Cover by Chris Foss

Getaway World
Panther 0-586-04337-3, Nov 1977. Cover by Angus McKie

The Bloodstar Conspiracy
Granada/Panther 0-586-04338-1, Jun 1978. Cover by Chris Foss

The Purity Plot
Granada/Panther 0-586-04339-X, Oct 1978. Cover by Chris Foss

Planet of Treachery
Granada/Panther 0-586-04340-3, 1981. Cover by Chris Foss

Eclipsing Binaries
Granada/Panther 0-586-04341-1, Jan 1984. Cover by Chris Foss

The Omicron Invasion
Granada/Panther 0-586-04342-X, 1984. Cover by Chris Foss

Revolt of the Galaxy
Granada/Panther 0-586-04343-8, Oct 1985. Cover by Chris Foss

Lord Tedric Series
Note: The first novel in the Lord Tedric series was based on a short story ("Tedric") and novelette ("Lord Tedric") which appeared in Other Worlds and Universe in 1953 and 1954 respectively. The stories were woven into a novel by Gordon Eklund and the results published originally as a collaboration in the USA. Eklund then continued the series, although the books remained credited to E. E. 'Doc' Smith.

Lord Tedric
Star 0-351-39550-8, Dec 1978. Cover by Peter Jones

Lord Tedric: The Space Pirates
Star 0-352-39512-5, 1979. Cover by Peter Jones

The Black Knight of the Iron Sphere
Star 0-352-30424-3, 1979. Cover by Peter Elson

Lord Tedric: Alien Realms
Star 0-352-30770-6, 1980.


The Best of E. E. 'Doc' Smith
Futura/Orbit 0-8600-7873-6, 1975.

The Galaxy Primes
Panther 0-586-04002-1, Jan 1975. Cover by Chris Foss

Spacehounds of the IPC
Panther 0-586-03950-3, 1974. Cover by Chris Foss

Subspace Explorers
Panther 0-586-04153-2, 1975. Cover by Chris Foss

Subspace Encounter*
Granada/Panther 0-586-06014-6, 1984. Cover by Chris Foss
* Edited and expanded by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

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  1. I too used to read all these book. Course I was guided in my SF reading by the excellent Interzone, a mag I published a few articles during the early years. Course my knowledge of the genre is slight as I've never been more than a casual SF fan. And to be honest some of the best SF I've read in recent years has been in the Star Trek novels - some of these are bloody good.



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