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Malcolm Stuart Fellows

Malcolm Stuart Fellows made one anonymous contribution to Swift Annual 1960 (1961).

Born in Bilston, Staffordshire, on 11 September 1924, the son of Edward and Jennie Fellows, Malcolm Stuart Fellows was educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School, Kilburn Grammar School, Harrogate Grammar School and the University College London where he earned a B.A. (with honours). He served with the British Army Intelligence Corps, 1943-47, rising to the rank of staff sergeant. Returning to civvy street, he became an assistant master at Hendon County School, 1950-54, before joining Owen's School as head of their English Department in 1954.

Fellows was drama advisor to The Writers' Guild, a senior tutor with the Television Writing Schoool Ltd. and Library Planning Consultant for School TV; he also worked for Associated-Rediffusion Ltd. and as a reader for publishers and literary agents.

Contributed to Times Educational Supplement, Schoolmaster, Courier, The Writer, The Listener, Viewpoint, News Club, Modern Language Review, The School Librarian, The Stage, The Listener, Television Today, Theatre Arts (USA), the New Bedford Standard-Times (USA), the B.B.C., Visual Entertainment, Daily Sketch Annual and others. Fellows was also involved in the publication of The Laurel & Hardy Magazine.

He was a member of the Concert Artistes' Association, and the TV and Screen Writers Guild, a member of the executive council of the Writers Guild of Great Britain, a fellow of the Bureau of Free-lance Photographers and involved in various other groups.

Fellows co-scriptwrited the children's TV series Plateau of Fear and its sequel City Beneath the Sea (1961) and an episode of Armchair Theatre entitled 'The Truth About Helen' which won the Television Play of the Year award.

He lived in north west London where he died in 1994, aged 69.

Projects for Schools. London, Museum Press, 1965.
Home Movies. London, Pelham, 1973.

Shame in Summer. A new play in two acts. London, M. S. Fellows, 1964.
Come Fly With Me. London & New York, Samuel French, 1966.
Behind the Wheel. London, Cassell (Red Lion Plays 7), 1968.

Eight Plays, ed. Malcolm Stuart Fellows. London, Cassell, 1965.

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  1. a much loved and respected english teacher and form master (lady alice owens grammar school for boys... angel, islington)

    I always wonder why he was always (at owens) called "bert fellowes"? where did the "Bert" come from?



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