Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comic Clippings - 30 November

Not much news from chez Holland. I've spent the past week trying to generate publicity for the upcoming relaunch of Look and Learn (what? You've not subscribed yet? Do it now!) and between that, various radio appearances and a fair amount of digging to create all the notes you can see below I've not had much chance to do anything else. There's not much actual news generated in the world of old British comics and I limit myself with new comics as there are other very good news sites (Down the Tubes, Lying in the Gutters and the Forbidden Planet Blog) that cover what's new in the UK far better than I can. I just note the occasional story that interests me (and, hopefully, you).
  • Eddie Campbell has a blog, The Fate of the Artist. He recently published a piece on the problems he has faced getting the latest edition of From Hell onto the shelves. He also notes that "There have been enough new Ripper theories since we finished From Hell that Alan has posited the idea of an additional appendix, a "Gull-catchers 2", to bring it up to date. Perhaps to be released as part of an anniversary special in 2008 (twenty years since we started it and ten years since we finished it. But hey, this is just a rumour. You heard it here first."
  • Sales figures for annuals week ending 18th November: Doctor Who Annual (23,308), Beano Book (14,287), Match Annual (9,996) and Bratz Annual (8,228). That pushes cumulative sales of Doctor Who Annual over 150,000 and Beano Book to over 93,000.

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