Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Carol Barker

Carol Barker seems an interesting subject, and not quite as elusive as some of the other artists covered these past couple of days, although the majority of the information I've found comes from a slim entry in Contemporary Authors.

Born on 16 February 1938, Carol Minturn Barker has been a freelance author and illustrator since 1958. She attended Bournemouth College of Art, Chelsea Polytechnic and Central School of Arts and Crafts and studied privately at her father's studio. She made her single contribution to Swift Annual 1962 (1961). According to Dictionary of British Book Illustrators by Brigid Peppin & Lucy Micklethwait, "Her work, in pen and ink, watercolour, collage and wax, is decorative rather than spatial in character. H. E. Bates wrote Achilles the Donkey around her pictures."

It would seem that she married and became Carol Dunkerton and she has two sons.

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  1. Carol's father was John Rowland Barker, a famous artist (1911 - 1959)

    Her mother is described in the register of marriages as Leslie F M Scott when she married John Rowland in 1936. I was not able to find any more details about her, and would appreciate it if any readers could add this.

    She married Ivor Dunkerton in 1959 and had 2 sons, Julian and Martin. They later divorced.

    Both sons are quite famous, Julian Dunkerton is famous as one of the co-founders of SuperDry and is one of Britain's richest men. He appears in the news from time to time.

    Carol, whose full name is "Caroline Minturn Barker", appears to have been studiously omitted from most online biographies of Julian and / or Ivor Dunkerton, including Wikipedia

    I do not know why this is the case.

    1. Hi MC,

      Leslie Francois M. Scott was born in Paris on 28 May 1912. Later married Philip A. Allison in 1963, although her death was registered as Barker in Chichester, Sussex, in February 2005.



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