Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fab 208

The death of Alan Freeman on 27 November (obituaries in The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian) led Guy Adams of The Independent to reminisce about the old Radio Luxembourg. I was never a listener but Luxembourg had two major connections with comics.

First was the 'Spread Your Wings' show, launched in 1954, which featured both 'Luck of the Legion' and 'Dan Dare's Space Adventure', probably the first British comic strip ever adapated to the radio (although I'll be happy to be proven wrong).

Luxembourg also inspired Fabulous, the girls' pop magazine and comic launched by Newnes in January 1964. Two and a half years later it wore its inspiration on its cover when the title changed to Fabulous 208 and, later still, to Fab 208 under which title it lasted until September 1980.

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