Thursday, February 01, 2007

Norman Satchel

Norman Satchel (sometimes erroneously given as Satchell) contributed to Eagle Annuals 1-3 (1951-53), Swift Annuals 1 and 2 (1954-55), Girl Annual (at least no. 4) and Robin Annual 1-5, 8-9 (1953-61).

I believe Satchel was the artist on the 'Mac and Maggie' strip that appeared in the early issues of Robin (1954) and later drew an adaptation of 'The Incredible Journey' by Sheila Burnford for Girl (1961-62).

I believe his full name was Norman Raworth Satchel, born 10 November 1914, who died in 1984, aged 69, in Hampshire.

Illustrated Books
Enid Blyton's Animal Lover's Book by Enid Blyton; illus. with others. London, Evans Brothers, 1952.
Andy Pandy's Counting and Rhyme Book. London, Purnell, 1960.

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