Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Comic Clippings - 13 February 2007

A brief news column this time round as I haven't had a great deal of spare time. The weekend was taken up by the translation of 'The Slayer of Eriban' for Storm Collection 7 and I've been doing some work on the next book, 'The Hounds of Marduk' this evening. Didn't even stop to watch Life on Mars! The latest one has too many panels like this...

...and not enough panels like this...

...for my liking! But it's a great story...

Rob van Bavel tells me that Storm Collection 6 and Storm Collection 7 are to be published together in a few months time -- lumping them together helps keep the printing and binding costs down on what is, after all, a pretty expensive production. The reason for getting the books out of the way now is so we can have an uninterrupted run once we start work on the 4 volumes of Karl the Viking.

I often get asked how I manage to work on so many projects at once. Well, coffee and cigarettes keep me awake, having no social life keeps me at home and the most comfortable chair in the house is the high-back, leather swivel chair in front of my computer. Dump your girlfriend, get addicted to caffeine and nicotine and buy yourself a comfy seat and you, too, could be this prolific. This lifestyle comes free with Buddha-like figure and raspy morning cough!
  • According to Leo Baxendale (on his website): "The STROPPY WOMEN spiffing & biffing exhibition, (featuring all my female creations from Minnie the Minx and Toots onwards) will open at Mills gallery/cafe/winebar, in the medieval Witheys Yard, High Street, Stroud, Monday 12th. March 2007 and run till end of April."
  • John Freeman talks to Andrew Sumner about the recent British characters revived by WildStorm in 'Albion Man' (Down The Tubes, 12 February).
  • Steve Bell talks about William Hogarth in 'Another View' (The Guardian, 12 February).
  • And, finally, Hecklerspray offers an alternative to the generally positive welcome given to the announcement of BeanoMAX.

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  1. You must be reading my mail, steve, that's my life you descibed (minus the comfortable chair !)



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