Tuesday, February 13, 2007

E. T. Portwin

The original essay about Edwin T. Portwin that appeared on Bear Alley has been much revised and expanded and is now available in Forgotten Authors Volume 1, available here.


  1. Steve,

    I thought you might like to know that the "newspaper nobody has heard of" is still running. I am The Public Ledger's current editor, and although nobody has heard of it, we still know the price of peanuts - shelled and unshelled. I'm researching its history with a view to publishing a book for its 250th year (2010, though I'm interested to note Mr Portwin saying it was first published in 1759 - that would cut my deadline). If you by any remote chance had any more details on Mr Portwin's time as owner, it would be great to hear from you - ian_hart_uk@hotmail.com

  2. Have just found this article about Mr Portwin.
    I used to work for Wheatland Journals in Watford and have very fond memories of my time there.
    The big house in Hagden Lane is no longer there but I drive past where it was frequently.
    I am now retired and have time to sit at my PC and spend more time with my grandchildren.
    Thanks for the memories. Carole

  3. I also worked for Mr Portwin as his secretary, I worked for his Company Arrow Press, I too have fond memories of my time there, and can honestly say it was the best job I ever had.


  4. Have just come across a book written by Elizabeth Portwin - The Day the Earth Stopped Spinning - as my wife was goingthrough her box of 'treasures'! She thinks it was her first book so would put it during the late forties. How many such books were written? doc.lewis@mac.com

  5. Hi Doc,

    I've only been able to trace the titles of four such books - listed in the bibliography. There may have been more as small publishers in those years of paper shortage immediately after the Second World War did not always send details of their output to the copyright libraries.



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