Saturday, February 10, 2007

Comic Clippings - 10 February 2007

BeanoMax is getting plenty of good copy out of teaming up Doctor Who with the Bash Street Kids. The first issue ties in with Red Nose Day and also features rubber-featured Rowan Atkinson, potato-faced Jamie Oliver and comic collector Jonathan Ross. Reports have appeared at the website (10 February), Daily Mirror (10 February), The Sun (10 February), Metro (9 February) and Daily Record (9 February). You can find pictures from the first issue at the cbbc newsround website.

Meanwhile, The Guardian (10 February) also notes that Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx are going to be appearing in a special edition set at London Fashion Week. The fashion issue of the quintessentially British comic will be given to front row guests attending the Giles Deacon show on Thursday at the Natural History Museum. (Please can I say it...? pleeeeeease can I say that the Natural History Museum is where these bags-of-bones supermodels deserve to be? Hope they don't get them mixed up with the exhibits!) In the storyline of the comic, the fashion police ban Dennis and Minnie from a catwalk show. Also making an appearance are Suzy Menkes, from the International Herald Tribune, and British supermodels Erin O'Connor and Naomi Campbell.

  • Stamford Museum (Broad Street, Stamford) is holding a 'mammoth' exhibition of comics featuring classics such as Roy of the Rovers, Dandy and Eagle according to this report, 'Museum treat for comic fans' (Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 7 February).
  • Jonah Weiland looks around David Lloyd's home studio for Comic Book Resources in 'Studio Tours' (7 February).
  • Lew Stringer takes a look at Fantastic, the Odhams comic which is forty years old today (well, it would have been if it hadn't folded). He promises more on the comic tomorrow.
  • Alan Grant visited a classroom full of kids as part of his promotion for the recent release of Kidnapped. Gareth Edwards was there and reports on the event in 'Spreading the word in pictures' (Scotsman, 7 February).
  • Garth Ennis is interviewed at The Beat about the problems surrounding his series The Boys which has recently had to find a new home. 'Garth Ennis talks The Boys and more' (9 February).
  • ImageText is an online journal produced by the Department of English at the University of Florida. The latest issue (vol.3 no.2, 6 February 2007) contains an interview with Bryan Talbot and artwork by John Couthart as well as an essay on Alan Moore's "fearful symmetry" with William Blake.
  • Something I missed: Warren Ellis has a novel out this summer entitled Crooked Little Vein, to be published by William Morrow. There was an interview about it on Newsarama, 'Warren Ellis, Novelist' by Chris Arrant (30 January) and you can already pre-order it on
  • David Hitchcock has released a hardback edition of his Eagle Award-winning series Springheel Jack, according to BugPowder (4 February, you'll have to scroll down).
  • John Wagner talks about Battle Picture Weekly on David Bishop's Vicious Imagery blog: part 1, part 2. The interview dates from 2003.
  • And finally... a plug for Spaceship Away... the Dan Dare fanzine that's now so much more. Issue 11 (Spring 2007) is out with three serials featuring 'Dan Dare', plus 'Journey Into Space' (reprints from Express Weekly) and 'Hal Starr', the new strip by Syd Jordan and John Ridgway. For more information visit Rod's website at

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