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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Comic Clippings - 21 February

The schedule for the release of the next few books from Don Lawrence Collection has now been firmed up. March will see the release of Trigan Empire: Revolution in Zabriz, the eighth release but volume 2 chronologically. I think I've explained this before but it's worth repeating: the weird scheduling of the Trigan volumes was due to publisher Rob van Bavel's attempts to use as many original art boards as possible when putting the books together. Thus we started with what was chronologically volume 8, jumped to volume 11 and so on. It makes writing the introductory material, er... interesting! But it has worked: as the early volumes appeared, people stepped forward to say that they had pages that Rob could scan. So the later volumes will benefit from having around 50 more pages scanned from original artwork than they would have had the series appeared in strict chronological order. I'm pleased to say that Look and Learn have been among the contributors who have been able to add some original pages to the project.

Storm--The Collection volumes 6 and 7 will be released simultaneously in April 2007, followed by the four-book box-set of Karl the Viking in June.
  • David Bishop reports on his Thrill-Power Overload blog that his history of 2000AD, also entitled Thrill-Power Overload is delayed from February due to the time it has taken to design the tomb. The release date is Spring 2007, most likely in April. You can pre-order the book from
  • Joel Meadows' Tripwire returns as an annual; a press-release can be found at The Beat.
  • More on Leo Baxendale's 'Stroppy Women' exhibition can be found on the Forbidden Planet blog (19 February).

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