Saturday, February 24, 2007

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The latest issue of Redeye is out. Issue 6 (simply dated 2007) contains news, comment, interviews and reviews in a bumper 106-page, square bound package. The content is fairly biased towards 2000AD but that's not surprising as it's one of the few surviving British comics aimed at boys (the others are 2000AD companion mag the Megazine and Thomson's Commando). Amazing to think that 2000AD has a history: a feature on the early work of Mike McMahon, for instance, is now a study of McMahon's work from 30 years ago (I was pleased to see that he was a fan of Look and Learn, incidentally). Things that, to me, feel like yesterday are receding into the distant past: Pat Mills talks about creating Battle Picture Weekly, Action and 2000AD and I was buying them when they first came out. The memories are still fresh -- especially the fuss made over Action.

I've not had much of a chance to dip into the content yet but certainly Pat's piece on fans made some interesting points about how professionals can be treated quite discourteously by some fan(atic)s and professionals alike which can be both hurtful and, in some cases, professionally damaging. Interviews in this issue include Guardian cartoonist Tom Gauld, small press artist Lee Kennedy, bigger press artist Steve Yeowell, horror comic artist Alex C.F. and a series of talks with John Wagner, Kev Walker, W. R. Logan and Matt Smith about the Judge Dredd 'Origins' storyline. Add to that retrospectives on V For Vendetta and Mike McMahon, a solid letters column and previews of lots of small press goodies and it all makes for a bumper issue.

I can't find a subscription rate for the magazine... it could be that editor has suffered from issues coming out late too often. But you can order the next issue and back issues via the Engine Comics web site.

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  1. its a damn fine interview as well, plus the feature on McMahon, the interview with Steve Yeowell and the comments by Pat Mills makes this well worth the money, especially for fans of 2000 AD.



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