Thursday, February 29, 2024

Commando 5727-5730

On sale from today, Thursday 29th February, 2024, Commando marks International Women’s Day with four special issues spotlighting on female contributors and characters.

5727: The Viper

Bacuit Bay, Palawan Island, Philippines, 1944. Imelda Hernandez, nicknamed “The Viper” is a schoolteacher turned guerrilla commander intent on annihilating the Japanese invasion with her bolo knife and lightning-fast strikes. When deserters of her guerrilla group are captured by the Japanese, Imelda must decide whether to continue her warpath towards the Japanese soldiers who killed her friends or risk it all to save the men who wouldn’t follow a vengeful woman.
    Hailey Austin’s female-fronted issue was inspired by the true and heroic story of Filipino Nieves Fernandez, a school teacher turned guerrilla, who terrorised the Japanese invaders with her band of resistance fighters. The issue is brought to life by Paolo Ongaro’s artwork and Anna Morozova — Commando’s first female cover artist — returns for her second-ever Commando cover!

Story: Hailey Austin
Art: Paolo Ongaro
Cover: Anna Morozova

5728: A Time for Justice

The end was near for Bertrand Duval. Since the days of the French Revolution, his family had wrongfully claimed inheritance of the Chateau de Lauronne, and the title and power that went with it. Now he had added another crime to his list... he had made friends with the German invaders of his country. But the French Resistance fighters were gathering strength. The time for justice was close.
    Commando’s second issue for International Women’s Day features a story from the prolific female writer Mary Feldwick, whose classic issue features that archetypical Commando theme — REVENGE! With amazing artwork from artist Enriquez and a classic Ian Kennedy cover!

Story: Mary Feldwick
Art: Enriquez
Cover: Ian Kennedy
First Published 1980 as Issue 1470

5729: Baba Yaga

Metal seared against metal, Tiger tanks burning bright in the glow of the inferno they spread over Europe. One soldier would face them, taking on the fiery demons. He needed help though, healed by a witch in the woods and given three tasks to complete. But could he trust this woman whose house stood raised above the earth surrounded by skulls on stakes — one left empty for her next victim?
    A supernatural Commando this way comes, as writer Kate Dewar casts a spell over her issue. Twists and turns aplenty enchant this issue inspired by Slavic folklore — but can you really trust a witch? What’s more, Carlos Pino works his magic on the cover and interiors!

Story: Kate Dewar
Art: Carlos Pino
Cover: Carlos Pino

5730: Boys’ War

It was the summer of 1940, and the whole of France was thrown into utter confusion as the invading German troops advanced relentlessly, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction behind them.
Trapped amidst all this turmoil were two British schoolboys — John and Will Browning. Fending for themselves in a foreign country, they were trying desperately to make it back to British lines... before it was too late.
    5730 Boys’ War is the second of the Commandos in the International Women’s Day set that features the indomitable work of Mary Feldwick. This time Feldwick turns her attention to boys’ adventures as two brothers flee the Commando Blitzkrieg of France! Artist, Ruiz’s boyish artwork is delightful and yet again Ian Kennedy is on cover duties!

Story: Mary Feldwick
Art: Ruiz
Cover: Ian Kennedy
First Published 1980 as Issue 1472

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