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Commando 5719-5722

Globetrotting action and adventure in Commando Issues 5719-5722 — on sale from today, Thursday 1st February, 2024!

5719: The Spy of Sweslik Castle

In the Bavarian mountains perched Sweslik castle. In times past, the castle had been a monastery, but in 1943 it was an impregnable fortress which housed Allied prisoners of war. Its German guards claimed that any and all escape was impossible, and they were determined to keep it that way. For there was a spy among the POWs imprisoned at Sweslik Castle… and no-one would escape until he was exposed!
    Newbie writer Rossa McPhillips returns in his third Commando issue which harks back to Escape Colditz and The Great Escape! With gritty interiors from Vicente Alcazar and an outstanding cover by brand-new Commando artist Marco Bianchini! Get your hands on this issue before it escapes!

Story | Rossa McPhillips
Art | Vicente Alcazar
Cover | Marco Bianchini

5720: Arctic Ace

The Fairey Swordfish wasn’t much to look at. Not many men would have chosen to risk their lives in these slow, obsolete kites that looked as if a sparrow could knock them out of the sky. But the Swordfish could carry a torpedo — evil, menacing, packed with high-explosive. And with an ace like Sub Lieutenant Duncan Payne at the controls, the Swordfish could even become a match for a mighty German cruiser...
   Issue 5720 ‘Arctic Ace’ is everything you’d want in a classic Commando: an eye-catching Ian Kennedy cover, a snappy story from RA Montague and outstanding Jose Maria Jorge interiors!

Story | RA Montague
Art | Jose Maria Jorge
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1970 as Issue 510

5721: Roll Depth Charges!

The HMAS Hibiscus had to be the worst Bathurst-class Corvette in the whole Royal Australian Navy. Its crew was slow and lacked discipline, and its officers weren’t much better. But they were in for a shock, for Commander Bill Turner had been sent in to straighten them out — and he didn’t care how many backs he had to break to do it!
    Resident Aussie writer Brent Towns is back again with another Royal Australian Navy yarn! This time the boys from down under are depicted by Alejandro Perez Mesa in his debut on Commando interior artwork! With a bright and bubbly cover by Neil Roberts!

Story | Brent Towns
Art | Alejandro Perez Mesa
Cover | Neil Roberts

5722: Behind Enemy Lines

How do invasions begin? Most people reckon they begin with a naval bombardment, massive air raids and soldiers wading ashore onto shell-torn beaches.
    But the truth is that before these things happen there are certain people — heroes — risking their lives behind enemy lines, secretly paving the way for the armies that will follow them...
    Issue 5722 is a rip-roaring yarn from 1981, featuring more action than you can fill your pockets with –—for there’s a spy among the ranks of the British and they have to find out who before he destroys this vital mission!

Story | Staff
Art | Ruiz
Cover | KCG Walker
First Published 1981 as Issue 1552

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