Thursday, February 22, 2024

Codename: Warlord reprint released

Heritage Comics and Commando Comics presents… Codename: Warlord the graphic novel collection! Featuring the original adventures of Lord Peter Flint from Warlord alongside the Commando reboot of Codename: Warlord!

In 1974, British comics publisher DC Thomson launched WARLORD, bringing a weekly anthology of action and adventure to comic readers across the UK and further afield. Amongst the most popular strips was Lord Peter Flint — Codename: WARLORD. The eponymous character continued to thrill readers every week until the comic ceased publication in 1986, after an incredible 627-issue run.

Then, in 2019, Britain’s top-secret agent returned in the pages of the legendary long-running Commando comic. These most recent adventures are collected in the brand new graphic novel alongside the first six issues of the classic WARLORD comic as DC Thomson’s Heritage Comics and Commando present... Codename: WARLORD Volume 1.

The wartime Scarlet Pimpernel is back. Nazis beware! A defecting German professor in need of rescue. A plan to build the biggest ‘Fuhrer’ class warship of all time uncovered. Though branded a coward, there can only be one man for the job — Flint, Lord Peter Flint... Codename: WARLORD!

Collecting over 170 pages of action-packed comic artwork and a behind-the-scenes look at the iconic colour covers and spreads that featured in the legendary WARLORD, this graphic novel is not to be missed! 

Published on 14 February, Codename: Warlord is a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one full of action and adventure! Order a copy now here at Mags Direct or from Amazon.

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