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Commando 5723-5726

Commando's latest issues are on sale from today, Thursday 15th February, 2024, with new contributors joining the Commando ranks – including Commando’s first female artist!

5723: Tomasz and the Top-Secret Engine

Tomasz Zielinski had escaped Poland and the German Blitzkrieg in 1939 by hopping aboard a Polish armoured train headed for safety. That was then, and now, in 1940, he was itching for action, but he and his division were in reserve in the west of France away from the fighting. That was until he was approached by a familiar face with a top-secret mission to head straight into danger to steal an engine right from under the Nazis’ noses! Tomasz was about to ride that train once again!
    Colin Maxwell’s intrepid Polish protagonist returns in another train-filled tale of derring-do! With outstanding artwork on both interiors and cover by Manuel Benet, you’d better get your copy before this train leaves the station!

Story | Colin Maxwell
Art | Manuel Benet
Cover | Manuel Benet

5724: Operation Caveman

Like almost everybody else, Corporal Barney Newman didn’t know whether a stalactite grew up or if a stalagmite hung down. And to him, it didn’t seem very important... until he found himself dodging about in an underground cavern with only stalactites and stalagmites between him and hot Nazi lead.
    But what was Barney, a tank driver, doing in this grotto? It was all part of Operation Caveman!
    Classic Commando from 1970 incoming! In Allan’s thrilling story, a tank crew take shelter from a storm in a cave only to find the Nazis rolling in behind them. Can they keep hidden before they’re found, or will the cave be their grave?! Find out in Issue 5724!

Story | Allan
Art | LS Lucas
Cover | Penalva
First Published 1970 as Issue 517

5725: Madame Revenger!

The Nazis kicked the hornets’ nest the day they rolled into Collette Sauvage’s farm in France. Then they had really gone and done it when they strong-armed her off of her land, using her barn to store their ill-gotten goods. But with a little help from a downed RAF Airman, the Germans would rue the day they messed with the woman known as Madame Revenger!
     Commando 5725 is an issue of firsts – with two brand-new artists making their debuts! Commando is delighted to welcome Alberto Navajo on interior artwork and 2000 AD’s Anna Morozova on cover duty. What’s more, Morozova joining the ranks makes her Commando’s first-ever female cover artist!

Story | Heath Ackley
Art | Alberto Navajo
Cover | Anna Morozova

5726: Desert of No Return

Off they went on another mission, heading steadily into the burning wilderness of the North African desert. They had made many trips like this... but today was different because this time they had a spy in their midst, reporting their every move to the enemy.
    Hardly any of these brave men were going to come back again.
    A classic Commando from the 1980s returns to bring you action and excitement! Bernard Gregg’s intricately woven yarn is brought to life by excellent artwork from Carmona and a burning-hot cover by Ian Kennedy!

Story | Bernard Gregg
Art | Carmona
Cover | Ian Kennedy
First Published 1981 as Issue 1561

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