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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Red Dwarf

More from the boxes of paperwork that have built up over the past thirty years. For commercial reasons, we covered a lot of ground in Comic World outside of comics, including the (then) new season of Red Dwarf. Today's scrapbook consists of a couple of cards - Craig Charles and Starbug - that were published by Portico Designs in 1993, plus a couple of photographs from the same era.

This was, of course, the launch for Season VI, which to my mind was one of the best in the show's history. Just look at the delights on offer that season: Psirens, Legion, Gunmen of the Apocalypse, Emohawk: Polymorph II, Rimmerworld and Out of Time. I know there are people who hate the series because the crew were trapped in Starbug with the Red Dwarf itself nowhere in sight, but I still think this is one of the best six-episode runs of any comedy on TV.

(* Red Dwarf © Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.)

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